Marketing Takeaways You can learn From Toothbrush

The origin of toothbrush dates back to about 3000 BC. Although the materials used in manufacturing them have been improved upon but they still remain a handle and bristle pair. The most interesting thing about toothbrush is not even the material itself but its marketing techniques.

I visited a grocery store recently and counted about 49 SKUs. There were 15 brands of manual toothbrushes in the store and they were of different prices. According to research, the number of manual toothbrushes sold exceeds the growth in population by three times.

Obviously, there are lots of things you we need to learn from toothbrush and thus below are some of the important things you can learn from toothbrush to improve your marketing. 

Improve your product perception

Whenever a toothbrush commercial is going on, I am often stunned and amazed at how a configuration of a new handle and bristle is used in changing the product perception.

You can apply this strategy to your own marketing in order to improve it. You can spin interesting news about your organization in order to fortify your brand, strengthen the value of your products and also improve your demand. You can simply take advantage of features like improvement in your product, addition in your staff strength, awards and accolades you have won, your new products and improved technology infrastructure in your product to make your marketing strategy and hence your business better.

Broaden your target market

The early 1900s saw the beginning of toothbrush marketing when it was targeted at wealthy women and also strengthening the pros of good oral hygiene. It reached its highest after the World War II and has continued in its amazing evolution. Today’s toothbrush marketing is not only geared towards wealthy women but also every aspect of the market is targeted at. This ranges from children to adult and the marketing strategy is centered on the product.

You should begin to think about new market you can target and also consider how you can present a different message for each of the market. You can also consider a subdivision of an existing market or perhaps a larger body. It is quite interesting to note that a little change in your product can go a long way to alter its perception. This can amazingly create a new market opportunity for your business.

Take advantage of every business channel available to you

Toothbrushes can be found in virtually everywhere. The next toothbrush you will purchase could be found online, at the dentist and on the shelf. In most cases, subscription services can deliver the new or recycled product to you at your comfort. This simply implies that the toothbrush industry has exploited all the available avenues in order to ensure that the products are delivered into the hands of the end users. Is this the same for your business? Are you leveraging a marketing method which reaches only a few people when you could have been making your focus clear and vivid in order to reach large number of consumers and achieve a maximum profit?

Deep thinking about your advertisement techniques will help you to explore new and improved way of achieving a better result. I met with a medical literature writer who desired to expand his reach. I came about a way to transpose his products and make better sales through radio.

People often look down on channel partnership but it can be an invaluable tool to expand your reach. This involves co-marketing with a non-competing business which aims at the same market as yours. The marketing process of toothbrush is thought-provoking and can help you to analyze your own marketing efforts critically and the above mentioned ideas will help you to achieve a better result.

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