Message for Noble Nurses: Is Florence Nightingale dead?

We used to listening everyday about strikes for increase in pays all over the world from noble professional platform of nursing. At that moment they even don’t bother about patients who are struggling for their lives and are dependent on nurses. Role of nursing in wars and military has evolved over time and the historiography of it linked to Florence Nightingale. Today, I would like to share a true story which lesson for ethics and sacrifice. 

True Story: Is Florence Nightingale dead?

Almost twenty years ago, one fine day, there were hundreds of nurses gathered in a campaign holding posters and placard which had phrases written on it asking for raise in pay without added conditions at Union rally-One speaker from the group in order to get a verbal response started reading the placard one by one. The nurses were excited and started cheering the speaker, who was not a nurse himself. after each placard was read. When he read the final placard, he questioned the nurses, “Is Florence Nightingale dead?” His idea was to kindle and create a spark among the group asking this stirring  final question The entire campaign of nurses went silent for a while, after which they started whispering among themselves in frenzy.

All the nurses were taken aback and silence prevailed for a very long time. After a few minutes, few of the nurses started laughing uneasily, and some even found the question offending. Some nurses from the crowd started asking the same question among them; “Is Florence Nightingale dead?”. But none of them from the crowd were able to reply back clearly. This showed the lack of certainty among the nurses when it came to the position of Florence Nightingale in the role of nursing. One possibility is that, none of them has thought about the role Nightingale has played in nursing or questioned themselves on the subjects. Further, there was not much distinction between the person Florence Nightingale was and the function her name has come to, in terms of her role of nursing.

Florence Nightingale and Crimean War

Florence Nightingale, with a team of 38 nurses sailed a ship to Turkey to be an unwelcomed guest and provided with an appalled situation and very poor sanitary facility. Further, both the military doctors and the health officers had refused to take into account Florence’s attempts to revamp the military hospital. Only later, when Florence succeeded in the Crimean War, high standards for a nurse and the practice of nursing was established.

Post Effects of Florence Nightingale Role

After distinctive role and services provided by Florence Nightingale, the number of nursing schools increased. Growth and development of the schools also improved the qualification of nurses and they came to be officially recognized, even in the military hospitals.

This article does not praise or censure Florence Nightingale or her contribution to the field of nursing. This is just a mere attempt to represent the reader with an efficient history with no criticisms or credibility. As a matter of fact, it is not possible to ignore the existence of a Florence Nightingale, when we describe about the history of nursing. When we talk about nursing, it has been greatly influenced by her personality and her role. However, dialogue will not be able to reproduce what Florence Nightingale had done in reality, as against what is produced are virtual Florence Nightingale.

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