No No Hair Removal Series Reviews

  1. It works! To be honest, when I first ordered the NoNo 8800 model, I was not really happy with the results. The product actually stopped working after only two weeks! I was really upset at the company, so I decided to reach them after which they immediately sent me a new NoNo. This one actually lasted me for a year, which is a nice lasting period.

This is when my expectations were fully fulfilled. After the second one was out of the picture, I ordered the new unit called NoNo Pro5. I have to say, this really works. Not only it worked 10 times better than the older models but it also has many additional advantages. Firstly, the blue guide light is steady and the flickering of the previous models is now gone. I am using NoNo on regular basis and am really satisfied with the results.

  1. NoNo is not good for thick hair. I have tried and tried this method of hair removal, but not only it did not take my hair off but it also took me plenty of time to do one leg only! I would not recommend it to people who do not have the time or patience to sit all day and work on removing their hairs, especially because it didn’t work when I did that either.
  2. I bought this item as a gift for my wife on our anniversary and it turned out to be the best gift I have ever given her. She actually said that it is a top of the line product that really made her life easier.
  3. I am a body builder and prefer having soft chest. This product is very slow to use, but has provided me with some very good results. The only disadvantage is the bad smell. I personally don’t mind.
  4. I am satisfied. NoNo has to be used several times before removing hair properly. When you use it, there is this disgusting burning hair smell that I so hate. But the results are good. I do not use this on privates and do not recommend that others do too. I also don’t use it on my face. I have tried but my face is really sensitive so I got acne all over it.

For the other parts of body, it is good. I use it few times a week, then stop for a while, and start again after few weeks. Now I see that my hair is both lighter and finer and grows much, much slower than before. Overall, I am satisfied.

  1. This unit does not work for me! The burning smell is horrible, a nice shaving feeling is far from what I experienced and I don’t even try to use the cream because it is full of parbens. I have used it for a while now and my hair is not removed, only smells bad and is a not at all softer than before.
  2. Very satisfied with the item. Would definitely recommend it!
  3. I cannot believe I paid so much for this! Totally not worth it!
  4. I did not like the product and demanded a return label a week ago. I hope the return policy is valid.
  5. I haven’t tried my legs, but it works on my face. It is good as long as you don’t mind the burning smell.
  6. I am really happy with the results. The results came far later than expected, but I just finished by 5th week with the NoNo and must say I am really happy with the results. The hair is finally gone off my legs, the only thing there are some baby hairs that are also really soft.
  7. Love it! The unit worked best on my arms, not so good for my legs and other areas. Perhaps it takes a bit longer to remove those, but the ones I removed are now growing extremely slowly.
  8. $250 for this product? So not worth it! It blew the wire on my thermicon attachments, did not turn on after I charged it and even though they sent me a new one, this was no good either. It did not remove my hair and I am really worried about that horrible burning smell. That cannot be good for the skin, can it?
  9. I have given up after 3 weeks of using this product and gotten my money back. Now that I see some feedback of it having to be used longer, I regret my decision. However, thumbs up for the return policy and the impeccable service.
  10. My NoNo is working perfectly, better than described and better than I imagined. My arms are now hairless, my face is hair-free and I am really happy with the results. The Black NoNo is my choice and it is so powerful! I use it a couple times a week for 6 weeks now. I guess it just requires some patience.
  11. I purchased NoNo and started by working on low to see how my skin reacts. My skin is really sensitive, but it somehow adjusted to high temperature. Now I am really pleased with the results. I would definitely recommend that everyone starts with low and sees how it goes.
  12. I used this on my upper lip and almost got sick from the burning smell! They really should say how bad it smells, I cannot use this all over my body and sense burning all the time!
  13. This is my second NoNo unit and it stopped working again! Luckily, they sent me a new one right after I complained about the first, but I really don’t plan asking for a new unit every two months! I will actually ask for a refund and try a new way of removing hair.
  14. Absolutely loved it! Both me and my sister use it and it is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I don’t know what the hassle about the smell is; it is really not that bad. The most important thing is – we are both hair free now. And it’s been only 4 weeks.


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