One Direction The Legacy of the Band

The legacy of One Direction otherwise known as 1D was a great group of artists that was formed in London. The band included members named Liam Payne, Louis Tomlison, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles and Niall Horan. Although,  Zayn Malik was only a member until March 2015. They started with a record label that was owned by Syco Records after they had finished their seventh series of a British show called “The X Factor.” They became famous through the social media and have made four albums altogether. They have won the Brit Awards, along with eleven Teen Choice Awards. In 2014, Forbes had numbered them second highest celebrities under 30 who were able to earn 75% million dollars within one month. They have also made it into the U.S. Billboard 200 history where all first four of their albums debuted at number one. Their bestselling album that was the third came ought worldwide in 2013 even though it released at a later time around November. Their first song that was acoustically sung live called Torn. During the first four weeks of the live shows that were taking place, they quickly became popular among the United Kingdom Crowd. Furthermore, they had a book that was published by Harper Collins in February 2011. They still partook in the X Factor live tour. 

One Direction

While they were on tour they played in front of 500,000 people all through the United Kingdom. As they came closer to their Debut album, they started working in Stockholm, London and Los Angeles while working with producers named Carl Falk, Steve Mac, Savan Kotecha, and even Rami Yacoub.

In 2011, they decided to release the album called Up All Night. This album sold more than 4 million copies in the United States. When they went to the United States in February 2012 they went on a radio promotion tour, along with concerts and as an opening act for Big Time Rush. This band even made it on television when the members first appeared on ‘The Today Show’ which was held at the New York Rockefeller Center.

One Direction also donated 600,000 euros towards a charity named Cancer Campaign from their ticket sale revenue. They helped the general people by joining the charity group called Band Aid 30. No one is sure if One Directions legacy has ended or not as it is still left to be undecided. But who knows what the future holds.