Rocky The Musical in New York Broadway Schedule & Pricing

Rocky The Musical in New York Broadway Schedule & Pricing

The first performance of Rocky the Musical was in November 18, 2012.  People had said about the musical “it’s too romantic for today’s world. If you missed then, you have a great fortune for you because Rocky the Musical will be at Winter Garden Theatre in 13 July 2014. Online tickets are about to sold out ! Hurry up for a fantastic, romantic night.

 “Rocky  The Musical in New York Broadway Schedule & Pricing ”  (more…)

Ramadan Walpapers

Ramadan Wallpapers – 2014 Ramadan Eid Mubarek

You can send eid emails with this Ramadan wallpapers to your muslim brothers and sisters. 2014 Ramadan has begun and time is passing. After about 25 days Ramadan Eid will have come. I collected a few high quality Ramadan wallpapers for you. You can download these Ramadan wallpapers and use your own pc or send them to muslims.  (more…)

2014 Ramadan

The Blessing of Fasting and Holy Ramadan

Ramadan is the ninth month of Islamic calendar. It is a month dedicated to fasting by Muslims. According to Holy Qur’an, Almighty Allah (God) requires Muslims to cultivate piety during this month and the way to do this is by fasting. To really understand what Ramadan stands for in Islamic religion, it will be necessary to take a look at fasting from Arabic point of view since the Holy Qur’an was written in Arabic.

Fasting – sawn

The Arabic word “sawn” is translated fasting and it literary implies “to refrain”. Ramadan is a month in which Muslims should refrain themselves from everything relating to impiety. They do not only have to refrain from foods and drinks but also they have to restrain every part of their bodies from evil actions, words and thoughts.  (more…)

Message for Noble Nurses: Is Florence Nightingale dead?

We used to listening everyday about strikes for increase in pays all over the world from noble professional platform of nursing. At that moment they even don’t bother about patients who are struggling for their lives and are dependent on nurses. Role of nursing in wars and military has evolved over time and the historiography of it linked to Florence Nightingale. Today, I would like to share a true story which lesson for ethics and sacrifice.  (more…)

Elegance Women's Belts for Combines

Elegance Women’s Belts for Combines

Women love colorful belts. These are my favorite belts for my combines. I use them especially for parties and I think they are very harmonic with light colors.  I really love the yellow cardigan and the blue skirt together with these belts. Anyway I produce some women’s belts of mines.  (more…)

Extensive Decoration of the Kitchen

Extensive Decoration of the Kitchen

If there is any part of your home that should be neglected, it is obviously not the kitchen. The kitchen is a very important and functional unit of the home. It is a part of the home that caters for the need of the entire household. This simply means that the kitchen should be given a careful touch to ensure that it functions effectively. Kitchen decoration is very important. It is as much important as the decoration of your sitting room, bedroom and dining. Here are some important takes on the decoration of your kitchen.

Make the kitchen function

Most importantly, the kitchen should be functional. Decorative flair is good for the kitchen but not as important as function. Every item in the kitchen, or at least most items in the kitchen, should have a function. Everything should be strategically placed to perform a specific function. Without taking up counter or storage space, you need to add touch to your kitchen.  (more…)