Sergio Ramos

Dramatic Crash of World Cup 2014: Chili Forced Spain out of Tournament

Fans of Spain were shocked when Chili forced out Spain in football World Cup 2014 by 2-0.This could be attributed with ugly performance and planning of Spanish players. Timely interception of poor hit by Alonso was converted into goal by Chili’s players within 20 minutes of match. This goal proved to be a turning point in the match and boosted Chili dominance in whole match. Aranguiz’s clever and effective hit was not stopped by Spanish goal keeper which made the score double and faded the dreams of Spain. Spanish life line players, Diego Costa and Alonso could not make a match winning performance as was expected.  (more…)

Premier of “True Blood” Dominated by Hairstyling of Celebrities

Premier of “True Blood” Dominated by Hairstyling of Celebrities

Hair styling and beauty are linked with each other which expedite the personality and look. Out of fashioned or non-attractive hair styling make dull even beautiful face. That is why premier of “True Blood“was dominated by marvelous hair styles of celebrities. Hair lined with top lash or lined with inner or even having coating the lashes are very popular among celebrities. Especially Annaa Paquin’s entry in the premier with French twist upside down was amazing. Her deep eyes with smoky look are one of the best dramatic fashions. The curls of hair with separated volume of length look unique in night functions. Hair styling of Bella Thome usually give the reflection of real hair care and she maintained this particular image in the premier. (more…)

Beauty Tips

Top Beauty Tips You Can Leverage

Believe it or not, every lady wants to look beautiful. Although some people are naturally more beautiful than others but you can up the ante on your beauty by following a few tips shortly outlined. There are dos and don’ts to beauty you need to note on your quest to look beautiful and highly embellished. Some of these tips are common whereas others may be new to you.

  • Freeze your Eyeliner

This might be a great tip for you if your eyeliner often crumbles when you try to put it on. You can leave it in the freezer for about 15 minutes before applying your makeup. This will simply ensure that it perfectly moves smoothly along your lash.  (more…)

Beautiful Fans of Brazil - World Cup 2014

Beautiful Fans of Brazil – World Cup 2014

Football fever is high and beautiful faces are cheering with multicolor painting on their faces. These face paintings were dominating by color of flag. The streets of Brazil are listening echo of cheering by the beautiful fans especially girls. The stadium was jamb packed during world Cup 2014 match between Brazil and Mexico match .Enthusiastic female fans got marvelous attention due their beautiful painted faces and cheering having patriotic emotions.


Olivier Martinez Halle Berry at the Extant Premiere Screening at the California Science Center 1

“EXTANT” and “Earth to Echo”: Celebration by Celebrities

Extant” and “Earth to Echo” popular science fiction show/or Movie which attracted huge number audience in this season. The celebrities including Halle Berry, Olivier, Peet and many more celebrated the party under the umbrella of “Extant “Premier and “Earth to Echo” at California Science Center . One of breaking news that becomes the hot topic was disclosure of marriage by the leading lady with deep eyes in attractive black dress. One can say, it was a remarkable party with full of glamour and news.


Humanity Is Dying: Call From Innocent Children of Ghana

Humanity Is Dying: Call From Innocent Children of Ghana

Although Ghana has made significant development in past twenty years, yet populace especially children are living below poverty level due to bad economic situation. Lack of health facilities and scarcity of water are giving rise to epidemic diseases. Humanity is crying and calling so called “Modern Civilized World” for help! Let’s see the innocent faces and think?  (more…)