Evening Dresses

Trends of Evening Dresses and Where to Shop Them

You need a chic and attractive evening dress to distinguish yourself from the crowd in no matter what the occasion calls. The style and type of evening dress you go for should be dependent on the kind of occasion. Is the occasion formal or informal? If it is formal, then you have to stick to formal wears but if otherwise, you should go for something sexier to foster your shape and body type.

Body type

When considering the type of evening dress to choose for an occasion, it is important to look at your body type.  Knowing your body type will give you some advantages when choosing evening dresses as you will be able to get dress that would flatter your shape.  (more…)

Bridesmaid Dresses

Top Trends in Bridesmaid Dresses

Nothing short of excellent couture is desired in bridesmaid dresses. As much as the bride’s wear should be elegant and glossy the bridesmaid dresses need to be classic. Fashion is rapidly changing as clothing that was trendy and in vogue years ago is not longer fashionable today. To ensure that your bridesmaid look exquisite and captivating, you need to handpick fashionable dresses for them. More so, you need to consider personal preference and body type when choosing bridesmaid dresses. Since the same dress has to be worn by a group of people, body type may not really be a deciding factor. You can opt in for styles that will fit in to different body styles. Some styles are simply enduring and stick to the fashion of the day. Below are some trendy styles you will love.  (more…)

Maternity Dresses

Maternity Dresses and Their Features

Look & feel beautiful in maternity dresses by yourmomhatesthis.com. With styles from everyday casual to special occasion, we’ve got the maternity dress for you!

Maternity dresses are simply dresses worn by pregnant women. The styles of maternity dresses worn by women greatly vary with respect to culture and location. In some parts of the world, especially in the western region of the world where the culture is greatly influenced by celebrity cultures, maternity dresses worn by pregnant women especially celebrities are form-fitting. Celebrities want to show-off their baby-bumps and hence they go for dresses that enhance the shape. This has greatly influenced a lot of people in such countries like the United States of America.

However, in the eastern regions of the world occupied by Arabs, a different scenario presents. This is also largely because of their culture. Pregnant women in this part of the world wear maternity dresses to cover the baby-bumps and even hide them. In China, pregnant women hide their second pregnancy with the kind of maternity dresses they wear. This is largely because of the one-child policy in China.  (more…)

How to know when you are ignoring spending problems

How to know when you are ignoring spending problems

Driving to my favorite fast food restaurant, I ordered the meal I always order from them. When I returned to pay for the meal, the cashier expressed that she has not seem me for some time. Of course, I visit the restaurant often.

I am sort of a head of several restaurants and I feel irritated when people force me out of that office. To me, it is more like a competition to me especially when someone takes the title away from me. This clearly shows that I have a spending problem and there are other more elaborate signs. Below are some signs that most people may not realize as hints that they are spending beyond the watermark. (more…)

Renovating your kitchen within your budget

Renovating your kitchen within your budget

It is easy to renovate your kitchen with low budget. These budget friendly solutions can offer you the best solution you need for your kitchen as outlined below.

Kitchen remodeling on a budget

Costs can be cut if it is difficult for you to remodel your kitchen in line with your budget. To cut costs, you need to apply some basic tips. Costs involved in the project can be reduced by reducing the amount of construction works involved and also avoiding the use of luxury materials for the renovation. All you need to build a kitchen of your dream in line with your budget is hard work and creativity.  (more…)

Reasons Why Rich People Are Not Happier Than the Rest

Reasons Why Rich People Are Not Happier Than the Rest

Money does not actually buy happiness, everybody is aware of that. However, it is good to note that more money does not also make one to become miserable. There are lots of benefits enjoyed by wealthy folks which less wealthy ones cannot even imagine. They have absolute control over their lives and also have a sense of security in their jobs. They do not see their future hazy and of course do not have to save few dollars in each of their meals.

Despite these benefits and enjoyments, the truth is that they are not happier than the rest of us who earn very little compared to what they earn.  (more…)