Passive Income: 7 Profitable Ideas to Make Money

Passive income in the autopilot? This also requires a great deal of work on the Internet. The best way to explain this article is to provide inspiration for your first steps.

The hope of the fast money drives thousands of users every month into the arms of “marketers”, which with dubious methods by the way promise a passive income. They pose before vacation spots and on dreamy yachts, suggest the very big lifestyle. Their strategies are available as expensive e-books or courses, but rarely effective. Money is earned only by those who also design dubious strategies and who show the dream of great money to others. 

Earn money without work? Sorry, this is not possible.

The cause of this problem lies, on the one hand, on the “marketers” and their “strategies”, whose success is primarily based on deception. On the other hand, it is also on the part of its customers, whose desperate hope for big money forces unconsidered reactions.

Even though “passive income” suffers from a bad reputation due to the problems described, it is possible. We deserve all passively, ‘when we carry money to the bank and receive interest – although inflation quickly makes a significant loss from supposed profits.

Money can only invest money who has money. There are similar requirements in digital business. Erholg has only who creates the necessary foundations. With which strategies, is no matter. The foundations always remain the same.


Passive income is the promise, but how is that to go? In line with the dubious strategies of those who promise great revenues before fantastic scenery, here the “ultimate 4-step system” – in other words, the foundations.

Work: Whoever promises passive income without work, lies. I have been waiting for the one who shows me the opposite.

  • Range: Anyone who invests a lot of work hopes for results. A first success is generated range, no matter what way.
  • Revenue: Whether it’s own products or advertising, who invests work and achieves reach, the third step is for sales.
  • Passive income: The last step is often the biggest problem. Only those who can keep their traffic without work generates a passive income. The final goal is therefore a self-sustaining system.

The practice

The four outlined steps form the basis of passive income. Anyone who knows them knows that there is no quick way to make money on the Internet either. We will now clarify the tactics involved in these steps and inspire all those who are not afraid of hard work.

1. Work

Your commitment and perseverance, in other words your work, decide the success of your projects. However, effort is created in contrasting ideas long before the first word is written or the first ad is switched, namely in the conception. It is in many cases the cornerstone of your success.

Your next strategy decides what to do. If you use search engines as a traffic source in the second step, our articles on keyword research and keyword tools help you. If you want to buy traffic, the preparation depends heavily on the platform or the network.

2. Range

In the previous paragraphs it was already clear how projects with the final goal of passive income usually generate range: They either rely on search engines or traffics. Other organic sources, such as social networks, require long-term work, even if the project is to run on autopilot.

The two mentioned traffic sources are not for absolute beginners, if they should function in the long term. The necessary knowledge can only be acquired by readers in the course of their project. But it helps in the first step, the concept. Anyone who learns from the patient gives away the potential of a good diagnosis. A certain prior knowledge is therefore helpful.

3. Revenue

As in the case of traffic, there are basically two main tactics: advertising and products. Here are a few examples of these two categories.

1- Banner:  The classic is advertising, usually in the form of banners. Their principle is simple: More reach means more income. Another advantage is lucrative target groups. A website for sewing works eventually earns lower banner prices than a trade blog on financial products.

2-Affiliate:  One of the most popular methods for monetizing small niche sites and one of the hangs of our article “Fuck on Google AdSense”. Anyone who starts a new project can get an impression of the offered partner programs already in the conception at networks such as Affilinet or Belboon.

3- Infoproducts : Also so popular are so-called Infoproducts. They inform you how the name already suggests in different formats on certain topics. Often these are e-books, which, according to their author, solve certain problems. The best known and at the same time most unpopular example are the previously described “Money” programs, with which you “guaranteed” and “immediately” at least “3.772 euro” merits. Of such a bad example, however, nobody has to be impressed, it is also different.

4- Photos and videos: Photographers and filmmakers are not necessarily dependent on customer work. They can also offer their work on platforms like Fotolia or iStockphoto and publish on platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. With the sale of Stockphotos, the Cologne-based Robert Kneschke makes more than 10,000 Euros sales per month.

5- E-Books: Digital books do not always fall into the “Infoproduct” category. The publication of an own e-book is easier than ever, even for inexperienced authors, thanks to numerous platforms (eg Amazon (affiliate link) with its “Kindle-Direct-Publishing”) and tools (eg Scrivener).

6- Software: A great potential also offers the programming and sale of software. Here, however, not only is software meant in the classical sense, but also, for example, plugins or themes for WordPress. If you have some capital at your fingertips, the professional development can also be purchased via platforms like Odesk.

7-Hardware: Whether with its own warehouse and dispatch, a service provider like Amazon or dropping, the classic trade thrives on the Internet. Passively, this makes it difficult to make money – Dropshipping is the only exception here – but with the right system, the effort can be minimized. What is decisive here is the fourth step of the above sketched instructions.

On the Internet, the most curious systems for automating their own business model. Successful technical solutions are often successful. They monetize purchased traffic through hundreds of automatically executed and adapted landingspages and direct the individual user through a complex system of different offers. It is clear, it is much easier. However, those marketers who think more than the rest often prove to be particularly successful.


The tactics mentioned in the previous paragraphs are little more than inspirations and form only vague plans in combination. We can not provide you with a surefire guide as much as all the high-stackers who want you to believe that. Whoever is afraid of work should therefore rather stay. For everyone else, who does not dare not win – even on the Internet.

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