Performance Management : Process and Definition

Performance management can be defined as the process that will evaluate the performance levels of an employee in an organization or company. This definition is put in simpler words and can be explained briefly as following. A HR manager is used in every company who will evaluate the employees and their performances and will give functional strategies that will help in achieving success to the company. In present scenario, an HR manager always works to improve the performance of an employee with the help of creating an environment suitable for the employee and by maximizing the opportunities for an employee to participate in planning and decision making process in an organization or company. A HR in present companies and organizations always strives to bring out the best in an employee and by developing an employee into a good leader by motivating him and training him. In past a HR manager used as an appraiser but now he is used as a facilitator and enabler.

Performance management is the latest development in the companies and almost all companies and organizations are showing interest in performance management strategies. The performance management is needed in this competitive world and to get successful. The performance management is a special branch of human resource management and is considered as one of complicated topics. A HR manager encompasses many activities and they are the following:

  • Setting a joint goal
  • Reviewing the progress continuously and communication frequently
  • Giving feedback and training employees to improve their performance
  • Implementing many programs for developing an employee and to reward his achievements.

Process of the Performance Management

Performance management is started when a new employee is joined in the company or organization and it will stop when the employee leaves or quits the company or organization. This is considered as a systematic process that will determine the overall performance of a company. It states that the overall performance of a company can be increased by increasing the performance of its employees with the help of team work. Defining roles and communicating frequently will help to minimize their problems and to improve their strengths to achieve benchmarks for an organization. This approach is both strategic and integrated one and it delivers successful results to any organization or company id followed correctly and efficiently. Performance management process has become famous from 1980’s and is now a popular subject in many companies.

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