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Making Big Career Change Guide

Making Big Career Change Guide

If you’ve been thinking of making a major change in your life but the fear of failure is holding you back, I really think you’re gonna love this post.

This question is from Regani who writes: “Hi, I’m 32, recently divorced, and a mother of a wonderful 3 and a half year old boy. I’ve been working in the health insurance field for over 5 years now. I work alongside nurses and hearing them talk about their cases and reviewing charts has made me want to go into the field of nursing. The biggest thing that’s holding me back is fear of failure. I’m afraid I won’t have the motivation to keep up with studying and would fail at my classes. I’m hoping that you can guide me in the right direction. Thank you for all you do.” (more…)

Rethink RRSP's - Maximize Your Tax Windfalls

Rethink RRSP’s – Maximize Your Tax Windfalls

It’s that time of year that banks and investment firms will start the deluge of advertisements about RRSP’s and how you must get your contributions in by March 1st.

It’s also the time of year that I’m most irritated by the misinformation in these ads. I’m going to tell you why the pushing of the RRSP products are a problem and how to rethink RRSP’s strategically, maximizing your tax windfalls AND your long term savings. I’m Susan Daley and this is Your Money, Your Choices. One of my pet peeves as an advisor is when people ask if they should buy an RRSP.  (more…)

Pennsylvania Bill Of Sale Form Sample

Pennsylvania Bill Of Sale Form Sample

Bill of sale template for Pennsylvania.


Teacher Application Letter for High School

Teacher Application Letter for High School

Sample job application letter for teachers who apply high schools. (more…)

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Writing Business Letter: Tips and Templates

Whether you are sending out an advertising letter, an acknowledgment, an offer or a reminder – your business letters are always a business card for your company. They demonstrate how professional and customer-oriented the company works and communicates. Both the content and the layout play a decisive role. Stay a few questions to answer: How do I create a business letter? What is required? How do I formulate convincingly? We give tips on how to write a business letter and show example templates.  (more…)

Tips For Job Application Success (1)

Tips For Job Application Success

So you can quickly find a better job!

Set a four-week schedule, set the day goals, maximize the number of invitations: With the right strategy, you can quickly switch to a better workplace.  (more…)