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How does a Calendar Help to Your Business ?

Do you know that making a 2013 calendar for your business is one of the ways of promoting it?Everybody knows this fact that in order to keep a business alive, we will have to keep on marketing it. Unless people will not know much about your products and services, they will never buy anything from you. There is a need to adopt such a strategy that is unique enough to grab the attention of people. Customizedcalendars can also be a great way of marketing your business.

How will a customized 2013 colander be a marketing tool for my business?  (more…)

Thank You Letter

How are Thank You Letters Written ?

Are you having trouble finding the right words for thanking your employer to for calling you for your interview? Some of us don’t even bother about sending a letter of thanks. A note saying thank you matters a lot as a sign of courtesy as well as good gesture.  When a person is not expecting such a gesture and a sudden letter of thanks is found on his desk then it appears to be a really nice thing.

Thank you letters are similar to the follow up notes that you keep on sending to customers. This good gesture of yours can increase your chances for getting a job. It can be taken as another opportunity to impress your employer. If you don’t make the right use of the letter of thanks in the place where there is a lot of significance of this document then you might be killing opportunities yourself.

Sample Thank You Letters

Thank you letters are as important as resumes and cover letters. They have a specific format too which strictly needs to be followed.  It is good to send letter of thanks after the walk-in interview whether it is a big or small company.

Occasions for writing letter of thanks

Thank you letters are not just written after you have attended an interview.  Here are some of the other reasons why a thank you letter becomes obvious:

  • After getting a raise or promotion
  • When your acquaintance helps you through some project or givesadvice
  • After attending a business dinner  or lunch
  • Once a co-worker gives you some gift
  • When the organization has written a reference letter for you

If you think that no employer cares about a thank you letter then you must not know this that almost 15 percent of the employers don’t like it when they don’t receive a letter of thanks from the interviewee and they hence never call that person for the particular job no matter how perfectly he or she suits it.

Download Sample Thank You Letter Pdf & Doc Files

Your letter should include some statement about how the effort of the employer helped whether it was a raise or an interview call just like for resumes. Appreciate their work but don’t act like you have already been called for the job. That will ruin your chances for being called.

Some people follow up the interviewer by calling him through the telephone. Don’t ever do that.You haven’t built any relation with the interviewer so far so stick to formal rules and regulations only.

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Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae Writing Services

A resume can make or break your chances of being selected for a job. Many people have realized the importance of good Curriculum Vitae and therefore they hire professional Curriculum Vitae writing services for getting the best resume made.

Your resume is the basic tool through which you communicate your qualifications, skills and experience to employers throughout the globe when applying for a job.  Every employer now asks for a resume.  If your resume will not be good it will be simply rejected.

If you don’t know how to write a resume but you think finding templates and samples from the internet will enable you to make a good resume then you are wrong.  If the job that you are applying for means to you a lot then it’s an advice to hire CV writing services. A resume with mistakes means you are going to lose a great opportunity for the job. Opportunities come very often in life.  If you can increase the chances of cashing an opportunity with a good resume then why not hiring a Curriculum Vitae writing service?

A resume is not just made strong with achievements but with the way it is presented to the employer.  A professionally written resume will give you a chance to make your resume stand out from hundreds of resumes that an employer will have to screen in a day.

Its true employers don’t actually read your resume carefully. Appearance as always matters a lot. If they find big headings, a nicely stated career objective and bullets in your resume and everything seems to be clear when they skim through then they will surely call you for an interview.  Once you are called for the interview then it’s all up to you to convince the employer about hiring you but till you are not personally there, your resume represents you.

If you have finally decided to hire some Curriculum Vitae writing services, then hire the one which is licensed and professional in its work. Take a look at the sample resumes it has made and then decide wisely whether hiring such service provider will be a good choice or not.

Download Curriculum Vitae Samples Pdf

  1.  Curriculum Vitae Pdf-01 
  2. Curriculum Vitae Pdf-02 
  3. Curriculum Vitae Pdf-03

Hiring Curriculum Vitae writing services will never be harmful. Even if you don’t get selected in the first place, chances are you will get selected elsewhere because your resume will definitely not be the reason of your disapproval. Don’t ever underestimate the importance of a good resume.

Reference Letter

Tips For Writing A Reference Letter

A reference letter also called the recommendation letter is a formal document that is written for testifying a person’s achievements, character and skills. This letter is not just required by an employee but a student too. You might need a reference letter anytime in your career. That’s why it’s said that even if you are leaving your previous company you need to stay in touch and show interest that you still care.

Importance of letter of reference

There are can be many scenarios where a reference letter might be required. Typically when you are applying for a new job somewhere, you are mostly required to give away a reference letter before you actually get hired. Secondly, if you are about to apply to an academic course even overseas, you are required to give away a reference letter. Sometimes even landlords ask for reference letters in order to make sure the tenant they are about to deal with has good character and has a stable job to pay for the rent.  (more…)

Sample Cover Letter

Writing Good Cover Letters

Cover letters have become a necessary requirement now. if you are applying for a job, then you will have to attach a cover letter with your resume and other documents. There are times when you have to convey something extra to the employers but that cannot be mentioned in the resume. Cover letter comes handy in such situations.

The purpose of a cover letter is basically to tell the employer more about you. It will help the employer in deciding whether to call you for the interview or not.

Writing a good cover letter is as important as writing a resume. If your resume is perfect and your cover letter is awful then you will never get hired. There are people who are perfect for a job but because of a poor cover letter they are not selected. Everybody should know how to write a cover letter because it has become a need today.

Guidelines for a beginner:

If you are writing it yourself for the very first time, don’t begin with “I am very delighted to submit my application…” It’s a purely informal way to begin the letter. Professionals say that if you start the letter spelling out the job for which the ad had been posted, the name of the company where you are applying with the summary of your accomplishments and career then it will make your letter actually good. At the end of the letter, always request for a meeting.  The employers who read the letters have very short attention span. Make sure your cover letter is no more than one page.  If you will try to use too much flowery language and write paragraphs and paragraphs then your letter will simply go into the dustbin without even being read. No one would ever want that. Therefore, the key is to keep the letter simple yet catchy.

Sample Cover Letters

Experts also say that telling a story in the letter can help too. By story it’s not meant to lengthen up things. You can always relate your wish for doing the particular job with some experience in life.

If you have good terms with some employer already working in the organization where you are applying for the job then put the name of that contact in the first sentence of the letter. This will set you apart from the rest of the applicants and chances are you might be preferred from the rest.
Download Formal Cover Letter Sample
Download Cover Letter Pdf’s

Cover Letter Examples

Cover Letter Format
Cover Letter Format


Cover Letter Format
Cover Letter Format for Technical Writer
Cover Letter Format for Technical Writers


Cover Letter Sample for Nurses

Cover Letter Sample
Cover Letter Examples
Cover Letter Sample
Change Manager Cover Letter Sample

Another Cover Letter Examples

Cover Letter Examples
Cover Letter Examples
Balance Sheet

Balance Sheet Samples

A balance sheet is a financial statement that shows what the business is worth at a given point in time. The purpose of the balance sheet is to provide an idea of a company’s financial position.

Balance sheet is one of the important financial statements required to be maintained by each company. Balance sheet basically describes the financial position of a company at a certain point in time.  Balance sheet can be made monthly, quarterly and yearly.

Parts of a balance sheet:

A balance sheet has three parts, assets, liabilities and owner’s equity.

  • Assets are all those items which are owned by a business. The assets can be current as well as fixed. Formally, the assets of a company include land building, machines, inventory and more. These are the fixed assets. Cash and accountsreceivable are the intangible assets of a company. They are also called the current assets.  These assets account for the basic operation of a business and they are required for the daily operations.
  • Next comes liabilities. They are the loans a company has taken or in other words the amount owed to other organizations.  Liabilities can be current and long term. The current liabilities are those that need to be paid within a single year whereas long term liabilities are those that get mature after 2 or more years.  The current liabilities include notes payable and accounts payable whereas the long term liabilities include some long term debt like payroll taxes.
  • Last but not the least is owner’s equity. It is the right of ownership of the business holder or the owner of the business after deducting the liabilities. Common stock, retained earnings, and paid in capital are included into the owner’s equity section. Common stock is investment made in the business.  Retained earnings are the amount of net income left after the dividends have been paid to the shareholders of the company. Paid in capital is the additional amount paid by an investor above the stated value of the sold shares.

Balance Sheets

Balance Sheet
Balance Sheet
Balance Sheet
Balance Sheet
Balance Sheet
Balance Sheet
Balance Sheet
Balance Sheet
Balance Sheet
Balance Sheet

Balance sheets help business owners to analyze the strength as well as weakness of a business.  It will tell how much a company is in debts, what assets the business has and what is the earning of the company. Many of the banks view the balance sheets of companies before giving loans.  Even your creditor or investor will take a look at your balance sheet before doing business with you. This financial statement will help not only you but others interested in your business.

Download Balance Sheet Pdf : Balance Sheet-Pdf-001 Balance Sheet-Pdf-002 Balance-Sheet-Doc-01

If you are a shareholder of a company then it is important for you to know how to read the balance sheet and understand it.

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