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What's Hurricane - Hurricane Images

What’s Hurricane – Hurricane Images

How Does a Hurricane Develope: Hurricanes occur basically in the wind zone over the water of the Atlantic or the eastern Pacific, with a water temperature of over 26.5 ° C. If a uniform temperature gradient to a certain altitude exceeds a certain degree, a tropical cyclone can develop. The water evaporates in large quantities and rises by convection. Condensation creates large clouds.  (more…)

Holi Festival Color Images

Holi Festival Color Images

In many big cities it suddenly takes place, one sees it in the advertisement and television reports: the “Holi Festival”. There were colorful posters for these celebrations everywhere. But what is it and what is it supposed to be?  (more…)


Car PNG Transparent Images Download

An automobile, in short, a car (also a motor vehicle, in Switzerland, officially a motor vehicle), is a multi-lane motor vehicle (ie a motor-driven road vehicle) used to transport persons (passenger cars and buses) and freight goods (trucks). As a matter of course – and also in this article – cars are mostly vehicles whose design is predominantly intended for the transport of persons and which may be carried by a car driving license.  (more…)

Confetti PNG

Confetti PNG Images Download

Confetti Alternatives for throwing at weddings

Confetti gives the right whistle to a wedding. When the bride and groom come out of the church or the church, the wedding guests stand at the entrance and throw confetti. Traditionally, confetti is made from colored paper cuttings. If you want to be a bit more creative, here are a few suggestions for an alternative to the paper confetti, to which the wedding will be remembered for a long time. (more…)

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Yao Ming Meme PNG

Internet Meme PNG Images Download

What is an “internet meme”?

A meme is an internet insider joke! Any snippets something that Web users of Internet pop culture incorporate, put into a new context and use wasteful in forums, blogs, Facebook, Twitter & Co..

Everything can be a meme: a politician photo from the TV news, a video of cute cats, the advertising claim of any manufacturer, a line from a song, a snippet from a music video. These are usually things you can make fun of, or you can use to make fun of something else.  (more…)