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Create your own professional cover letter. Samples are below you can download and edit. There are plenty of cover letter formats such as for photographer, electricians etc.

A job application letter, together with your CV, forms your calling card that you leave with companies prior to a job interview. These documents will possibly be the reason for your future employer to give you the job.

The number of job seekers increases as day goes by. This makes it continually more difficult to win a job as the hiring managers will look out for the most professional and well written cover letter. There are chances that you may be applying for many job listings; do you have to write a cover letter format for each job? By creating a cover letter template, you will save yourself the stress of writing a cover letter from the scratch each time you want to apply for a job. All you have to do is to customize the cover letter format whenever you want to use it. What is the block format?

Cover Letter Format Examples

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