Q Lin Bed: A Rare Invention of the Antique Chinese Wood Carving Pattern

Wood carving progression invented by Chinese is nowadays very much rare. Earlier it was a tradition of giving the wood a shape with a cutting tool or chisel. For many decades, exclusive artists enriched the Chinese home interior with some wonderful carving patterns. The combination of this antique Chinese pattern along with the fine contemporary European design and also a blend of culture of California; acts as the catalyst behind the designing of this outstanding Q Lin Bed. The great designers, in a combined manner, worked hard to keep the aesthetic outlook providing about 3,000 (drilled by hand) holes of both sided part of the wood piece that represents a fresh image of a Chinese screen mode.

Amazing Wooden Bed 00

The holes are created in such a precise manner that it speaks for the hard work of the great artists of early time. The walnut sleets with a glaze were so popular during the birth of California are even very much famous in today’s Danish furniture. Such type of woody pattern provides a warmness with fabulous granular shapes that makes a bed so much special. Every piece of raw material has been chosen manually just to ensure and express the personal touch in the bed. The most exclusive part of the bed is the headboard made of single piece solid walnut that provides the artistic grains a particular character. This type of bed will be available in the designer showroom. You may contact the Hong Kong Stunt Team for ordering procedure. Their service is based on made to order.

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