Reason for Poor Performance in the US Soccer Team

Is it really true that the reason why the US soccer team has been unsuccessful is its deep sense of honor and honesty? A post recently published by the New York Times argued that the deep sense of honor and honesty of the soccer team has greatly limited it. The post pointed out that the players are not willing to dive as others do to get a penalty kick and hence they are not relatively successful on the world stage. Rather than seeing loss as defeat, the team sees it as a moral victory.

The argument outlined in the recent post can be divided into three parts as follows:

  • The soccer team performs poorly in World Cups.
  • Lack of diving and flopping is the reason behind this
  • The lack of diving is caused by the team’s lack of immorality or perhaps lack of skill

Poor Performance in the US Soccer Team 1

The Team’s Poor Performance in World Cups

It is quite obvious that the US soccer team performs very poorly in World cups. The performance of the soccer team has never come near the performance of Netherlands.

Lack of diving

It is quite surprising to note that a coach as good as Jurgen Klinsmann leads a team which cannot perform excellently in the world cup. The coach is a very successful striker during his playing days. Also, he was reputable for his diving skills. He scores with a dive and is well known for the skill. It is surprising that someone as skilled as Jurgen Klinsmann could not impart into his players some of his diving skills.

Poor Performance in the US Soccer Team 2

Perhaps it could also be that he teaches but the players’ honesty hinders them from taking on his advice. Such character trait can only be found in American players but not in other parts of the world. It is also surprising that even though about 7 of the 23 US players spent a great deal of their lives in other countries of the world, they still played like the rest others. This strongly suggests that dislike towards cheating is not the underlining reason here.

Poor Performance in the US Soccer Team 3

The US is not really interested in the World Cup

One can easily conclude that the team is not good on careful evaluation on these factors as their reason for lack of diving cannot possibly be lack or skill or lack of immorality. It will even surprise you to note that the US in general is not really interested in the World Cup. The reason perhaps is not clear but even though the US is about 20 times more populated than Netherlands, only 11 million Americans tuned to ESPN during the match between the recent US and Ghana. This figure is very small when compared to the 10 million Dutch who watched the match.

One can easily conclude that America is perhaps good in most other things but not in soccer. The team’s repeated defeat in the world cup clearly shows its incapability in soccer.

Poor Performance in the US Soccer Team 4

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