Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs iPhone 5 – Which One is the Best Option for You?

Samsung Galaxy Note II smartphone with 5.50-inch 720x1280 display powered by 1.6GHz processor alongside 2GB RAM and 8-megapixel rear camera.

Are you eagerly waiting to buy a smart phone? Apple and Samsung are competitors in this regard. Every time both the companies release something new and the hype moves to that direction. When Apple launched iPhone series in the market, then all assumed that nothing can be better than this. But Samsung Company came up with smart phone series which is no less than Apple’s iPhone in terms of quality. This article is to draw a comparison between Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs iPhone 5. Let us find out what the key differences they have – 

  • Size and weight –

The key question is whether you prefer a true smart phone or a phablet (phone+tablet) to serve your purpose. iPhone5 is a bit large in size than other smart phones but yet smaller than Note II.  Small ones can be easily carried in pockets whereas large ones offer much bigger screens. iPhone5 is lighter than Note II while the former one is made of aluminum and the latter one is of plastic.

  • Display –

In terms of display, both the devices are truly terrific. iPhone possess quite sharp resolution. Again Note II’s display is also mind-blowing. Note II’s screen offers high contrast whereas iPhone’s screen offers great visionary angles.

  • Software installed –

iPhone has TouchWiz installed which provides many exclusive features with a stylus pen. This stylus pen can be utilized for messaging or emailing purpose. Note II uses Android version of 4.1.2 and this has some exclusive applications too. Another important thing is Apple’s software remains up to date all the time. Samsung also have the long time supporting service, but yet it is a bit behind of Apple’s.

After the entire comparison, it is completely a person’s taste of preferring one before another. Both the devices are classic indeed and act as trademark in their own serving purpose.  So take the decision today, get the best amongst the classics.

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