Reviewing Samsung Smart TV 2015

Samsung’s 2014 Smart TV system set new standards of online TV platform sophistication, so our hope were understandably high for the 2015 version. Its main strengths remain unchanged, but dig a little deeper and it’s clear that this year is really one of evolution and not revolution.

As 2014 Smart TV system of Samsung had established new standards of TV platform sophistication online; hence, expectations for its 2014 version were high. The main strengths of the two versions remained the same, but the latter version dig deeper into sophistication. It can, thus, be said that the year 2014 had been a year of evolution. 

Samsung Smart TVs

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One notices the stark difference with the menu of Samsung’s Smart TV 2014 when he hits the Smart Hub key available on both the remotes he gets along with Samsung Smart TV 2015. Instead of taking one straight into the main hub as in case of 2015 version, the 2015 version provides one with a list of icons arranged along the bottom of the screen showing the sources- may be apps, AV inputs, or TV channels one has enjoyed recently along with options of scrolling down for more. This facilitates getting on to the favorite contents quickly.

The new Smart hub light opener of Samsung is not as sophisticated as that of Sony’s Discover menu as to how content list is populated. It also does not prove one the option of scrolling down through multiple easy-to-access content lists, whereas Sony provides such facilities. However, Samsung has taken note of the criticism of its earlier version as being inscrutable and complex, and has simplified the use of its 2015 version. There is smaller set of five icons above the main recent source icons, and any of these five icons can be selected to go into main multi-screen Smart Hub interface of Samsung.

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The default hub screen of Samsung Smart 2014 is same as its earlier version of 2014. The new “On TV” menu also appears almost same as that of 2014 version, and it is a little disappointing. There is an abridged version of what one was watching at the top left. In the bottom right there are two icons namely ‘Coming Up’ Programmes and ‘On Now’. This guidance is a welcome improvement.

Samsung Smart TV’s 2015

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Combining one’s favorites with what is generally popular on hub of the TV may appear a bit annoying theoretically, but if one’s tastes are not anti-mainstream, the system is quite effective. Another underdeveloped touch but useful at the same time is the little icon above the main TV window which allows one to filter the links of the TV content appearing on the screen based on kids, sports, and For You Settings. The mode of For You comes as default showing one’s recommended contents. The niggling is about the limitation of the filtering system to sports and kids genres as to why news, movies, documentaries etc could not be included. A provision to know which user in the household has been watching TV at a certain moment would be a welcome addition under S-Recommendations system.

The “Timeline” view is another welcome addition. Moving one hub right from On TV, one gets the Films and TV shows on-demand hub. This appears similar to its earlier version, but the 12 new titles selected to overwhelm the screen are based on one’s personal as well as general popularity both.