Save money when buying batteries: Super bargains at Ikea

Power batteries from the furniture market

Batteries need everyone – for cameras, gamepads or one of the many, ridiculously strong flashlights, which are now found in every online sale. An inconspicuous but apparently really good offer comes from Ikea. This could be behind the Ladda batteries at the savings price more stuck than initially suspected. 
Ikea offers four versions of its batteries – two for the small AAA batteries with 500 or 900 mAh nominal capacity, and two for the larger AA batteries with a nominal capacity of 1,000 or 2,450 mAh. The price is particularly exciting: a four-pack of the most powerful batteries costs just 6.49 euros. The best way to get away with the little Laddas for 2.99 euros.

Since we had not tested the Laddas so far, we consult the findings of other testers. The Danish battery tester HKJ provides very clear results on the characteristics of the batteries in the Forum Candlepower. For the Ladda 2450 it confirms about the indicated capacity, which is depending on the current of 2.352 and 2.463 mAh. Both the charging and discharging characteristics he estimates here as well and comparable to many other 2,450 mAh batteries. A very similar picture emerges with the Ladda 900.

Secret Super bargains?
Users of the Candlepower Forum have noticed something strange when analyzing the Ladda unloading characteristics. Both the behavior and the dimensions reminds us of the much more expensive Eneloop batteries from Panasonic. These are generally characterized by a good price-performance ratio and should only be released very slowly. HKJ also estimates the batteries as eneloop rechargeable batteries.

For rechargeable batteries, the Laddas are therefore a hidden quality snap. While Eneloop batteries with a nominal capacity of 2,500 mAh cost about 12 euros, Ikea only requires around 6 euros for the quadruple package. But beware: if you are dealing with eneloop rechargeable batteries, you may still notice differences in the number of charges. The Ladda batch could be the batteries which are sorted out as “second choice” in the production process. Or the surcharge of the Eneloops simply comes from the brand name.

Ladda only in the branches
For Ikea cheap batteries, you have to go straight to Ikea – in his Onlineshop the furniture giant does not offer the batteries. Panasonic’s more expensive siblings are also available online.

But also in Rossmanns Onlineshop you can find a good battery offer. There you get about the AA batteries of Rubin with 2,400 mAh for 4.99 Euro. Alternatively also as AAA version with 900 mAh at the same price.