Secrets to Make a Good Nature Photo

Have you ever wondered how great nature photographers do to give that special touch that turns your photos into fantastic? Well, you know what? You can do the same!

Both have two secret ingredients that I’m going to reveal to you in world premiere … Wait just a little, I’ll let you know in this article, but you’ll have to read the lines that follow to deserve it. 

What makes nature difficult to photograph is that, by definition, it is uncontrollable. I know it’s just obvious, but you have to be aware! You do not have any possibility of manipulating directly what you are going to photograph. Do not you guess where I want to go? Well, I’m not going to make a sketch here, but these two examples should suffice.

You have arranged a branch to welcome the beautiful bird you follow. Everything goes well, swirls around that branch, approaches and … noooo, does not settle on it and goes to another branch. A nuisance, there the background and the light are not as perfect as you had anticipated.

Do you have in mind that image appeared in a magazine with a sunset reflecting in a lake with a background flanked by a mountain with its snowy peak? Perfect! Well the day that you dare to suck 5 hours of walking to take the photo, it turns out that the three elements are not aligned and that the perfect image will only have it in your favorite magazine! No, we have not yet found a way to move the mountains and put them in front of the lakes.

In nature photography, you have already understood, you can not count on the “do not turn your head there, get more towards the light, back two steps, look at the target with your pretty eyes.” The photographer can not give orders to animals as he can do with his model in the studio. Eye, I see you coming in the comments: I do not say that the work of the photographer in the studio is easier than the work in the middle of the savannah. I just wanted to point out this difference.

So, if nature is uncontrollable, how do professional photographers do to get those incredible images? So incredible that it seems to us that the subject is guided by the photographer. Although obviously not so, all these beautiful images are taken in natural media without the photographer orient the subject at all.