Sharknado 3 Official Posters & Reviews

The most fantastic shark movie ever. Top critics said that for Sharknado 3 so. After the epochal Jaws series, Sharknado 3 promises to open a new age at shark movies. We publish recent posters & reviews for you.  

Sharknado 3 Posters

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Some Reviews :

This is a horror movie that in its most terrifying moments presents Ann Coulter as veep to U.S. president Mark Cuban, skeet-shark shooting, an Iwo Jima-style impaling, and Bo Derek downgraded to an 8. Nothing can be taken seriously; the polished amateurism and eagerness to sleaze is to be embraced.

I didn’t hate it or love it. And it’s not that I didn’t “get it” – tornadoes sucking up sharks and spewing them across urban landscapes is pretty easy to “get.” It just wasn’t doing much for me. But remember, I was by myself.