Should Further Sanction Be Imposed on Iran?

This is really a difficult decision for the US to make: should the US impose further sanction on Iran? The house is divided in this issue while some senators agree with imposing further sanction others disagree with it. On a careful thought, the US should not believe Iran’s pretence for stopping its nuclear program. It is clear that Iran simply wants to reduce the effect of the economic issues posed by the sanctions. Just as it has done years ago, the country still wants to further its nuclear programs in the secret. Iran agreed to negotiate with the United States and the neighboring states with respect to its nuclear program last November. 

  • Worries expressed by members of the congress

Some members of the congress support the imposition of additional sanction on Iran as the negotiation continues. Marco Rubio, a Florida state Senator pointed out that Iranians are simply using the medium to reduce the effect of the sanction but in the actual sense they are not ready to change their demeanors. During the course of the negotiation, Iran has not agreed to anything that will prevent it from furthering its nuclear program or becoming a nuclear power.

Sanction Be Imposed on Iran 1
Sanction Be Imposed on Iran
  • Why US should not sanction Iran

On the contrary some other members of the congress are opposed to the imposition of additional sanctions on Iran. They believe that this could endanger the series of talk which proves very promising. These members of congress go with the notion that diplomacy should be given a chance in the talk. Over 70 house democrats support this notion.

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  • The Need for Diplomacy in the Issue Under Debate

Diplomacy seems to be the most probable solution to the issue. It is the strategic option that could be leveraged to effectively tackle Iranian issue just as the members of the congress wrote president Obama. However, the US should be wary of the Iranian regime. The US should not just relax or go to sleep while they negotiate with Iran even though diplomatic strategies have to be leveraged. The members of the congress outlined in a letter to Obama, “Should negotiation fail or falter, nothing precludes a change in strategy”. The US should however not be caught unawares by Iranian’s plight.

Sanction Be Imposed on Iran 2

President Obama does not give in to imposing additional sanction on Iran. He however supports allowing diplomacy to have its way. He outlined that diplomacy should be given a chance particularly for the sake of US security. Some members of the congress who disagree with the imposition of additional sanction express their fears that it could boomerang in a very big way. Obama also outlined that he would be the first to call for additional sanctions if Iran still continues in its quest and also he would make sure that the country does not build a nuclear weapon. On a careful look at Iranian regime, it seems obvious that Hassan Rouhani, the president of Iran and the Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif are only pretending in order to bemuse the US.

Sanction Be Imposed on Iran 3

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