A Swimming Pond in Your Garden – Is it Worth to Purchase?

Especially people who work a lot from home, work creative professions or spend a lot of time at home, a swimming pond can be a good alternative to the outdoor swimming pool or bathing lake. Swimming pond In the winter? Some will ask now. Right now is the best time to make preparations for the upcoming bathing season.

In Austria the summers are often not as beautiful as we might wish for. That is why many believe that a swimming pond in their own garden would not be worth it, since one could use it too rarely. But the next warm summer is coming. From our own experience, we now already tell you the best reasons for a swimming pond.


First of all, there are many different types of swimming ponds. The internet is full of tips and advice. At Pool for Nature, you will find a lot of information about the possible forms, which we find very helpful.

The swimming pond as a personal retreat

The garden is a place of rest and relaxation for many. A swimming pond, where you can enjoy a cool bath in the summer, makes the garden a real wellness oasis. Since there is a nature pool in our house, we can promise you, whether you want to draw some tracks, a creative break from the home office, or simply enjoy the cooling down – a swimming pond is definitely an enrichment. And also visually, a pond is a real sight in every garden.

A swimming pond can also be designed according to your own wishes. From the circular saunas to the natural swimming pool with long lanes everything is possible.


Care and maintenance of a swimming pool

Since this type of pond fits into the natural environment of the garden, the effort for maintenance and entertainment is relatively low. The water quality is the most important thing with a pond. But keeping them up does not require much. Decisive is a good planning during the construction of the pond. Be sure to take into account the environmental influences, such as trees and other plants that are close to the water. Moreover, size and depth play an important role.

You do not have to spend expensive money on chemical treatment of the water. Through a small, densely covered filter ditch through which the water runs, the water from the swimming pond is purified in a natural way. The plants on the banks of the trench extract the excess nutrients from the water and ensure perfect water quality. In addition, sediment traps and modul filters are used for mechanical cleaning of the pond. You do not have to be afraid of burning eyes with chlorine.

Personal fitness center in the garden

You want to do more sports, but you can not motivate to go to the next fitness center? Then a swimming pond is the right thing for you. Because this will be easy to your personal sports club right in front of the front door. Swimming is one of the healthiest sports, relaxing muscles and joints but also the brain. In conclusion, if you want to use your pond sportily, please pay attention to an appropriate size.