The Best Day to Shop Items You Need

It is quite interesting to note that there are best day of the week to buy virtually everything you need. Shopping items on their best days will help you to save more. Discounts are offered on the specific items in their respective days and although the discounts are small, they add up to save you a lot of money. Below is a breakdown of the days you should shop for the items you need.

Mondays pointed out that electronics sell for less on Mondays. This is because workers look for lower prices on electronics on Monday and thus retailers are forced to lower the prices so as to attract the buyers. Thus, it makes sense to shop for your TVs, cameras, computers, video games and so forth on Monday. also pointed out that Monday is the best day of the week to buy a car. 

Best Day to Shop Items You Need
Happy Hours to Shop with Sale


If you want to make huge bang for your bucks on airline tickets, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are your best days. Airline pricing fluctuates but they tend to be on their low on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Wall Street Journal revealed that price lowering seat sales are launched on Monday night and thus reducing the cost on Tuesdays and this even further reduces the Wednesdays.


There is no better day to purchase jewelries than Wednesdays. If you want to purchase online, you will also get a great deal on Wednesdays as the price gets slightly lower. also pointed out that the price of jewelries reduces to about $218.26 from their peak price of $220.49. The cost of jewelries is at its peak on Saturdays and to get it at the best price it is better you stick to Wednesdays.

Best Day to Shop Items You Need 2 Best Day to Shop Items You Need4


If you want to purchase clothes, then Thursdays are your days. Whether you want to go online or offline, you will get a better deal on clothes when you shop on Thursdays. Off-price discount retailers like T.J Maxx or Ross will even give a better deal. Weekend sales begin on Thursdays and the competition has not gotten deeper. Costs get higher during the weekends way down to Wednesdays. It makes sense to plan your shopping for cloth to match with Wednesday and also to stick to it.

Best Day to Shop Items You Need 3
Don’t forget black fridays


Saturdays are the best days of the week to purchase books. Price of books is on their low on Saturdays even though they generally fluctuate. The average cost for books on Saturday is $12.72. This is significantly low when compared to the highs of $14.33 you might obtain other days.


There is no better day to purchase things you need in your home than Sundays. You will get major appliances at cheaper prices on Sundays. Appliances to purchase on Sundays include fridge, stove, groceries, personal care items and others. It is amazing how much money you can save when you shop smartly by shopping in the appropriate day of the week. There is no need to overspend on the item anymore, simply take advantage of these tips.

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