The New Ford Escape Review

The new 2015 Ford Escape has redesigned from its previous counterpart. Ford has done an excellent job match the colors on the bumpers and even door mirrors. The interior has designed with the consumer in mind. It means that it is very innovative and also very luxurious for the cars in its price range.

It also includes a MyFord Touch mechanism that gives you controls over a lot of things in the car from one conveniently located the place. The Car also has remote keyless entry, An ABS brake system and also four tire disk brakes along with airbags in the front and side for safety. The car has come up with titanium SE models and its wheel sizes ranging from 17 to 20-inch alloys. 

Ford Escape 2015


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The Ford Escape is build based on a layout that is shared throughout the world. It will have a four cylinder engine that sounds great along with an optional all-wheel drive or front wheel if you want. It is known to have a 2.5 liter 168 hp engine with about 170 torque. It is a compact and a crossover with unique features that should impress you and your friends.

This new creation of Ford Escape includes a rearview camera so you can see where you’re going when you put the car in reverse and will be on all models. It will also come with Fords signature Sync feature which provides interaction, navigation and entertainment facilities. It even has a USB connection so you can plug in your phone so it can give you directions from its fantastic speakers. It can also do hand- free talking and read incoming messages aloud.

The basic model of this car will cost around anywhere from $24-30 thousand dollars for front wheel drive whereas the AWD edition will cost you a little more ranging from $26 to 32 thousand dollars respectively. They are also planning to offer an EcoBoost engine for $1,200.

The Ford Escape has high-tech features and is a car that you can recommend to your coworkers or friends. It has high performance and excellent fuel efficiency, its handling is also superb along with its comfortable seats. It is very easy and fun to drive and will also save you plenty of money considering gas prices. As you can tell it comes in at a good price for what you are getting and you should test drive one to see if it’s suitable for you before you commit to the vehicle.

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