Tips for Eye Makeup: Make Your Eyes Attractive

The lady’s eye is a center focus, an attractive center and a cynosure of beauty that often attract men to her. Any effort spent on embellishing your eye is not a wasted one. If you really want to look great, then your eye is one of the parts of the body to pay attention to. However, you need excellent eye makeup tips so as to achieve the result you desire for eye makeup. Here are some things to note for the best result in eye makeup.

  • Firstly, moisturize your face,
  • Blot excess oil and soothe the skin with the requisite cream,
  • Cover up acne and blemishes with a direct concealer,
  • Even out redness on the skin with a foundation,
  • Pick three eyeshadow colors: dark, medium and light and apply makeup to the eye,
  • Line lower lid with a cake liner or a kohl pencil,
  • Apply mascara to the upper and lower lashes.

3 Ways to Apply Eye Makeup

Eye Makeup-1 Eye Makeup-2

Beginners Eye Makeup Image

Eye Makeup-3

How to Make an Eye Makeup

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