Tips for How to Decorate Bedrooms

Home sweet home is a famous phrase.Home is the place of pleasure, comfort and freedom. You are blessed if you have your own home whether it is small or big. Bedroom is the key place in your home. When you are tired after a hectic schedule, definitely you want to take rest in a peaceful place. If you decorate your bedroom in an artistic way you can relax there in the most comforting way. In your bedroom you spend most of time so its interior and decor should be excellent. It should akin to your life style, daily routines and aesthetics. Here are some tips for decorating your bedroom, if you follow these tips, you would come to know how to decorate bedrooms in a proper way.

Tips forHow to Decorate Bedrooms:

Where to Start:

First of all, you should vacuum your entirebedroom so that you know about the real space available and width and length of the room to plan how to decorate bedroomand then set it accordingly. Take out all the stuff and start decoration from beginning.

Choice of Paint Color:

Once you have fully planned how to decorate bedroom, start from the paint. Always choose light color enamel for the walls of your rooms. It will give brighter look to your bedroom and you will feel more relaxed.


If you have a small bed room, do not over stuff it with decoration pieces. Just keep one single bed and one chair in your bedroom. As far as wall hangings are concerned, just put delicate scenery on your walls. On other wall hang the clock. If you know how to decorate bedroom you can easily realize that you can utilize the space above door. If you are a book lover and you want to place a book shelf in your room but you do not find proper place, just go for readymade book cabinets and attach it on the walls.

Selection of Drapes:

Just keep on changing the setting of your room. It will bring a positive change in your attitude. If the wall paint of your room is grey, choose the curtains according to it. If it is white, you can go for contrast colors like pink and red.


Choose a bed according to your taste. If you like a wide and big bed, you can put many pillows and neck roles on it in different colors. When someone will enter in your room, he will be impressed with the bedroom décor.

How to Decorate Bedrooms for Kids:

Children love colorful articles and objects. So if you are decorating a child’s room, put some toys on the side board. Draw their favorite cartoon characters on the wall. Wall paint should be in bright color like pink, blue, red. It will attract the child and he would love to play in his/her room.

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