Tips for Selling Yourself to Potential Employers

We now know many tips for making our resume more presentable to hiring managers. These range from customizing the resume and cover letter to meet what you want to establish in the resume and providing detailed explanation on how your qualifications make you the best for the job. However, you can do more to make yourself saleable to potential employers. Learning a new way to convince a company that you are the right candidate for them can go a long way in helping even an experienced job seeker.

Use the Right Keywords

When you use the right language in your job search materials, both human and automated resume reviewers will know you are the right person for their job. 


You can easily ascertain the keywords for a given job search by thinking of the phrases which employers will likely use to find candidates for their positions. You can also take a look at job postings to ascertain skills and knowledge employers are looking out for in a candidate. In addition, you should think about qualities you possess that separate you from other candidates seeking the same position with you. The qualities could be your specialized education, certifications, desirable and uncommon skills and so forth. Use them throughout your resume and cover letter and highlight the most important education and experiences in them.

In LinkedIn and other networking site, you need keywords to draw employers’ attention to your profile. This will help them know what you can offer them.

Ask the Right Questions

Asking the right questions show potential employers that you are serious about the job. Therefore, rather than seeking for information about salary, vacation time or even having no question to ask, you should propose topics that would portray your level of seriousness.

You do not only have to ask questions that show your interest about the job, but also you need to ask about the short and long term goals of the position, company and department. You can also ask questions with respect to some recent industry news and how it will affect or be relevant to the business. It is also important to make enquiries about issues that have to do with the position which the company desires to solve. In conclusion, you should ask the reviewer if he or she has any question with respect to appropriateness for the position. This is a very important question to ask as it gives you an opportunity, which may not be available to you again, to explain some things and make them believe in your ability.

Explain How You Have Contributed

Employers usually want to know how a candidate will be able to contribute to their business when considering whether to employ the candidate or not.

In order to stand out from the rest of the crowd, you should explain to the employer or hiring manager how you can cause increase in their profit margin and decrease in their costs using your position. You can imagine a real situation in which you will apply your professionalism to benefit the employer on a daily basis. To make it strong, you have to accompany the ideas with stories on how you have helped organizations in the past to achieve success. You can think of some specific cases in which your contributions helped an organization to make profit, avert cost and so forth. You can also site instances in which you saved your previous employers from some serious problems. For instance, like when your keen attentions to details helped you in tracking accounting errors which would have otherwise caused major problem for the company.