Tips For Job Application Success

So you can quickly find a better job!

Set a four-week schedule, set the day goals, maximize the number of invitations: With the right strategy, you can quickly switch to a better workplace. 

“I am looking for a new and better job,” is one of the most frequent resolutions for the change of the year, because in addition to health and the family, the workplace is the most important factor when it comes to the total satisfaction of a person, and if one is unhappy in his profession, The conclusion is close to changing as quickly as possible.

Modern communication and information technology is crucial

Anyone who is looking for the job market in the job search, or is sending out personal paperwork without prior consultation, now looks literally old.

Today it is mainly telephoned, emailed and spoken in person.
“Some people enter their job data diligently and time-consuming in job portals on the company’s websites. At the same time, however, contemporary applicants have found direct contact with the right contacts and are already holding talks, while everyone else is still hoping and waiting ”

Tips for quick success

Include the hidden job market
Do not limit yourself to looking for job ads. Keep in mind that today many companies do not publicly publicize their vacancies.
It is often enough simply to communicate an open job to the company. If it is an interesting position, the winds ropes around.
In particular, the majority of attractive positions are often no longer advertised in the job market of the newspapers or in online job exchanges. Making personal contacts is therefore essential.
Please also inform your private environment of your job search. Ask if you are interested in interesting vacancies.

“A review of the professional situation at the beginning of the year is quite useful in order not to lose sight of one’s own goals,” says Hesse. “Making a career does not necessarily mean getting higher, faster and farther, but it is also measured by the satisfaction I feel when I carry out my job.”

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