To Save a Lot of Money on Your Wedding – Don’t Opt In For A Fancy Wedding

According to the 2013 survey from Knot and, the cost of wedding nowadays is only $1047 lower than student debt which is estimated at $29,400. This shows how high wedding cost is and why you should ditch the fancy wedding. If you are serious in reducing cost on your wedding the tips mentioned below will help you. 

  • The engagement ring

Most people send their several months salary on diamond engagement ring which costs about $5,431. This seems very ridiculous but it can put you into serious debt. The slogan “Diamond is Forever” is often used to crown it all but even though diamond is forever, your marriage established on materialism and debt will simply be shaky.

Wedding Favors
Wedding Favors Ideas 2
  • Creating the Guest List

Having announced the engagement and make it official, it is time to draft the guest list. Couples oftentimes bring in their parents into this who will definitely want to include some distant cousins in the guest list. The wedding should center on the two people – the couple – and should involve the gathering of closest family and friends.

  • The invites

Specialty paper suppliers are really making money off the wedding industry. Lots of industries are moving towards paperless services but not the wedding industry. You can however save a lot of money by neglecting the disdain and sending wedding invitation via e-cards.

  • The reception and ceremony

The number of people involved in the reception can ramp up the cost. You can however save thousands of dollars by keeping the guest list short and simple. You will definitely desire the fun and excitement in the wedding but the fun is not worth it if it will push you into debt.

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