Top Points To Note When Writing A Letter Of Recommendation

The most effective letters of recommendation are written by professors or work supervisors who know you well enough to describe your academic, personal, or professional achievements and potential with candor, detail, and objectivity.

This is a very important letter and in most cases serves the purpose of building the credentials of a job applicant. It is quite in order to know the major components of a letter of recommendation. Look my previos post : How to Write the Letter of Recommendation?

The message in this letter should be clear and geared towards achieving a particular purpose. The basis on which this letter is written is to show that an employee has served in a certain work place for a certain period of time. There are some details that should never miss in this important letter that acts as a reference material when looking for better opportunities.

Letter Of Recommendation

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Letter of Recommendation
Letter of Recommendation Sample

The letter head is a vital component of a letter of recommendation and should not be taken lightly in any way. The details of the company for which the bearer worked should be clear in this case thus erasing any doubt from the next potential employer. Having a recommendation letter with a proper letter head will do one a big favour. This happens especially when presenting the letter before an interview team. The contact details of the company are also found in this letter thus making it easier to follow up on the employees work record.

The body of a well written recommendation letter should be able to enlist all the strengths of the employee during the time of service. An accurate and detailed expression of the activities of the bearer when working in that place must be available. This will go a long way in helping the next employer to know exactly what to expect from the holder. There are instances that if left out could portray a different picture from what is expected. Documenting the major achievements of the employee is important to make one competitive enough when searching for another potential employer at any time.


Even though the positive points about a person are noted, it is also worthwhile placing the weak points of that person. Every employee has a weakness in one way or another thus there is a need to keep these records. Avoiding this would make the next employer to fail in knowing the exact way of handling their new employee. This therefore brings one to honesty when writing this recommendation letter. Avoiding any major issue that might easily distract the employee is likely to be counterproductive to the general wellbeing of them in future especially in the job market.

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