Top Tips and Tricks for Applying Makeup

We are all on the same quest for gorgeous hair and immaculate makeup. Discover how to rock any look like a pro by covering the basics to the tricky. Ladies have lots of make-ups today that aid beauty. A woman who knows the right tricks for applying make-ups will look as beautiful as she desires. Make-ups can make a wrinkled face look wonderful, they can even make large nose look normal. For teenagers struggling with skin diseases like acnes and dark circles, the right application of makeup can hide those blemishes and make you look very beautiful.

Tricks – not rules

When it comes to beauty, rules do not really apply. You need tricks and not rules to look gorgeous and beautiful. This simply implies that there are no clear cut rules to looking beautiful, you only have a handful of tricks to apply. 

Eye Makeup Sample

Eye Makeup
Eye Makeup

Top Tips and Tricks for Applying Makeup 3

Begin with the face

Every lady who wants to look gorgeous must begin with her face. This is a rule of thumb that should be followed in beauty. Appropriate care of your face is necessary in order for you to achieve your beauty aim. The truth is that you will need less eye makeup if your face is flawless. More so, you should learn how to apply less make-up. In the beauty world, less is more. The less makeup you apply, the more beautiful you look.

Top Tips and Tricks for Applying Makeup 2

Moisturize your skin

Before applying wet make-ups, moisturize your dry skin. Moisturizers should follow the application of good sunscreen. You can opt in for a rich facial balm or a foundation primer which will go a long way in fluff up your skin and cover up large pores. Making your skin moist will assist in making the foundation primer to move smoothly on the skin.

Brighten the face

Concealers might be the best way to go to save your complexion if you have uneven skin tone. Apply the corrective concealer on the under eye blemish or close to the nose and mouth. You can as well opt in for a highlighter like Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat to brighten your face.

Top Tips and Tricks for Applying Makeup 4

Use powder on your face

To finish off with your face, apply powder. When you apply powder to your face, it puts the other make-ups in the right form and ensures that your skin does not look shiny and hence you will not look artificial. However, if you want to reduce the fine lines in your face, you might avoid powder and perhaps use moisturizers.

Top Tips and Tricks for Applying Makeup 1

Lift your face

After putting your face in place, it is time to do some lifting. Your brows are important as they will help in enhancing your beauty. You can brush your brows with your finger or use toothbrush in brushing them. Brow pencil or soft eye shadow can also be helpful in filling in sparse spots. Use mascara on your eye. You may also apply eyeliner and set it with shadow. Some people choose to apply shadows before eyeliner but this is clearly a matter of choice. The last place to touch is your lips. You can use gloss on your lips and be sure to have some in your bag or pocket because you may need to reapply them after some time.

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