Trends and Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

The wedding day is a day to be reckoned with in the life of the couple. It is a one of a kind day that should be given the best. Most couples refer it to as their best days. Being your best day, you need to ensure that the best wedding dresses are used to grace the day. No couple will manage a shabby looking wedding dress on such a wonderful day. You can find a slew of wedding dress types and styles in fashion outlets and more keep coming out as fashion evolves. Before choosing a wedding dress style, you need to consider your body shape and figure. In addition, you can put into consideration your personal style, weight and even age to get the most suitable wedding dress for you. 

Wedding dress styles

As fashion changes, so do the trend and style of wedding dresses evolve. A lot of wedding dress styles is available and these include:

  • Mermaid or trumpet style
  • The A-Line or Princess Wedding Dress
  • The Empire Wedding Dress
  • The Sheath or Column Wedding Dress
  • The Ball Gown Wedding Dress and so forth.

Your body shape or figure is important in the determination of the wedding dress style you should opt in for. Thus, it is important to know your body style when shopping for wedding dresses.

New Trends for Wedding Dresses

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Body Shape and figure

Knowing your body shape is a great advantage when choosing wedding dress for your best day.

  • The Inverted Triangle shape

The A-Line or princess wedding dress is best for this body shape. They can also opt in for Ball Gown wedding dress style. This body shape needs flowing fabrics and dresses flowing from the waist. Such wedding dresses will help in flattering your body shape.

  • The rectangle body shape

The best wedding dress styles of this body shape include the Sheath, A-line, Ball Gown, Empire and Mermaid wedding dresses. Virtually every type of wedding dress will fit this body shape.

  • The Apple

This body shape entails full figure from the hip but too often than not the legs are thin. The best wedding dresses for this body shape include the Empire and the Ball Gown wedding dresses. Such wedding dress will fit in appropriately with your waist and make your look exceptional.

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  • The Pear

This type of body shape requires a strapless or halter top wedding dresses. You can opt in for A-Line wedding dresses, Empire wedding dresses or Ball Gown wedding dresses to flatter your shapes and make yourself look beautiful.

  • The Hour Glass

The best wedding dresses for this body type include the Sheath, Mermaid, Ball Gown, A-Line and Dropped Waistline wedding dresses.

Shopping tips

The internet presents to us the best market place for shopping assorted kinds of wedding dresses. You can find any type of wedding dress for your body shape online. T David Bridal and Abbydress online brands are two name among the long list that provide you a wide variety of bridal dresses.

The list provided above does not in any way entail all the wedding dresses. As a matter of fact, you can find many other wedding dresses out there that would fit your body shape. It is important to consider the trend in fashion and go for wedding dresses that will look fashionable for a longer time. Also consider your color, budget and a lot of other personal factors when shopping wedding dresses.

Designer Wedding Gowns Featuring the Best Fit

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