Trends in Mother of Bride Dresses

The role of moms in the son’s or daughter’s big day cannot be overstated. She is one of the attraction centers in the wedding and therefore should look unspeakably gorgeous. Interestingly, there are lots of options to choose from when it comes to mother of bride’s dresses and therefore this makes it very likely that the mom can look as alluring as the bride herself. A lot of fashion experts now focus on creating exceptional dresses that would match the big mom of the day and make her look alluring and highly captivating in the big day.
Trendy Mother of Bride’s Dresses

There is no need of opting in for dull looking dresses for the big mom of the day when there are sophisticated silhouettes, and deigns that can flatter your figures. Every mom will definitely feel pleasant on her daughter’s or son’s big day with these amazing trendy wears. 

  • Capes

If you are looking for one of the most stylish and elegant kind of dresses for the big mother of the day it is obviously capes and capelets. This dress dates as back as the 70 but it is still extensively used today in virtually every fashion events. It is an asymmetric option to leverage and the mother of the day will really thrill the guests in this dress.

  • Pastels

Pastels are stylish trend of clothing to leverage for the mother of bride. It is one of the top wears in the bridal world. Its amazing colors featuring pale yellows, mint greens, seafoam blues and so forth makes it one of a kind dress to be reckoned with. Different colors can be combined in such a way as to bring in the needed beauty.

Designer style Mother of Bride Dresses

Elegant Mother of Bride Dresses - Brown and Yellow

Mother of Bride Dresses
Designer Work for Mother of Bride Dresses
  • Tiered Skirts

If you want to add some flares to your mother of bride’s gown, then the right way to go is Tiered Skirts. More so, you can find them in different colors and fabrics; which means that you can choose any style you want for the big day. This is the right way to go if you really want to look romantic and alluring.

  • Lace

This follows a new trend also known as Kate Middleton Effect. It is primarily employed in wedding gowns but it is also relevant for the big mother of the day. Owing to the top notch features of this design, design experts have been doing their best to make this design endurable and exceptional. With this delicate lace, you can show off some skin and beauty while still covering up areas you do not want to shop off.

  • Neutrals

This trend of dress can be used in different settings and styles without losing its top notch features. It is necessary to take a careful look at the color in order to ensure that it is not too light for the special event. Better still, you may get the consent of the bride before using this dress for the big day.

With the top notch shopping features available over the internet, it is easy to purchase mother of bride’s dresses today. Simply hook up to a good online shopping site and search for the trend or style of the mother of bride’s dress you want to make your purchase from anywhere in the world.

2014 Trends of Mother of Bride Dresses

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