What can be the reason behind the crash of UPS jumbo cargo plane?

The associates claimed that they are yet in search of the two typical black boxes for which a cargo plane of UPS jumbo has been crashed last Wednesday morning. Two pilots had been killed in the incident that was happened near the Birmingham airport. Robert L. Sumwalt, a member of NTSB, in a conference expressed that since the back end of the aircraft was still smoking, so it was difficult to get into the cockpit areas. He also mentioned that the investigation will take place for few more days in the sight area.  He further claimed that it has been ensured through investigation that the pilots didn’t make any call before the incident . 

The configuration of the plane was UPS-A 300 Airbus with a tail number of N155UP. The plane started from Louisville and crashed before landing in the Birmingham Shuttlesworth International Airport. The plane was found crashed in a segregated area outside the airport terminal. Urgent team has been taken there to perform immediate rescue operation. One of the local inhabitants  reported that she heard a sound that day and thought that the plane was simply running out of fuel. But later on she heard a huge boom around. ups-crash

One team from National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has been deployed to the site for further investigation. William Bell, The Mayor of Birmingham, ensured that two or three outbursts occurred but that was only due to issues with engine fuel. Earlier, similar plane crash occurred on 3rd September, 2010 in UAE (United Arab Emirates). Same thing happened to both the pilots at that time also. They were both found dead. Associates proclaimed that the incident happened due to the unwanted load capacity of batteries. Those batteries were very much sensitive to temperature and thus explosions took place.

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