What Constitutes A Good Reference Letter?

A reference letter can be written by anyone to testify or depone to a firm or person the skills, aptitude and achievements of the person in question. You can check also our letter of recommendation article. The letter is also known as a recommendation letter in American English. The document ought to be formally drafted, typed and penned in a rigorous and business-like format. The letter is normally written in the following circumstances:

  1. When one applies for a job, a reference letter may be a requisite to back up the content in the application letter.
  2. Upon a successful interview, the interviewee may be required to attach a reference letter before the contract is endorsed.
  3. Students may annex a recommendation letter to support the antecedent application letter.
  4. A firm may tender reference letters to show their ability to handle the work in question.
  5. Prospective lessee may be required to offer the landlord a reference letter that shows a good financial status.

Reference Letter Sample

Reference Letter

Reference Letter SampleReference Letter

Whenever one is asked to provide a reference letter that may determine their chances of clinching a job, you must be a legitimate referee. This is a formal document; do not lie or contrive the truth; legal consequences may catch up with you. The threshold test is that you must reasonably know the person before you can legitimately tender authoritative recommendations. Provide the prospective interviewer with a truthful and honest reference.

  • The structure or format should adopt a business or official styling. Ensure that at least you give some information about yourself in the introductory paragraphs. This is not a chance to expose your memoirs; your personality must be captured in a few sentences, avoid irrelevancy. This is so that the nexus between yourself and the person in question is revealed.
  • The other critical contents are the other facts that are included by the candidate while delivering the letter of application. If it is an employer provide details on how long you employed the person and the positions they held.
  • The third paragraph is for giving the skills, aptitude and qualities of the person. It is apt that you also give a positive comment on the persons and avoid disparaging them.
  • The fourth paragraph can be appropriately used to give the achievements and the Excellency of the candidate at certain instances. This can be written alongside extra-curricular activities that the person engages in. The mood of the letter must be positive, include your contacts and simply conclude with the appropriate closing phrases e.g. yours sincerely.

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