What You Should Know on Rain Boots

Rain boots are common today but most of us do not know where they originate from. The history of rain boots dates back to about 2 centuries ago in England. Arthur Wellesley, the first Duke of Wellington, instructed his favorite shoe maker to refashion the Hessian boots by removing the fancy trim it has and make it be a little more tailored. Having modified the boot, it was known as Wellingtons.

Following the creation of rubber in the nineteenth century, the first rubber version of the Wellington boots was introduced to France farmers by Hiram Hutchinson. This was a great aid to them as it helped them not to muddy their feet in farm. Rain boots have become so popular today as it is applied towards many diversified functions and roles. It is not only used in Europe today but rain boots are used in virtually every country of the world. Their diversified usages and applications make them to find useful place in the industries and among factory workers. Rain boots have many useful applications which will be shortly discussed. However, it is important to note that their applicability is the reason why they are used in many industries and sectors. 

Uses of Rain boots

  • Rain boots are important personal protection equipment (PPE). They play important role in protection both in the industries and outside the industries. Factory workers wear rubber rain boots or other kinds of rain boots when working on electricity, machines, chemicals and so forth.
  • Rain boots are worn for warmth. This is especially true in arctic regions of the world where the temperature gets very low. Waterproof rain boots protect the wearer against snow, chemical waste and mud. The inner liners of rain boots are usually made of flannel or other warm materials which make them useful in cold weather.
  • Fashion is now combined with the traditional style of rain boots and thereby making them quite an amazing fashionable item. However, they do not lose their top notch quality in anyway but top fashion is now ensured in the production of rain boots.

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Rain Boots

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Rain Boots

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Rain Boots

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Rain Boots

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The architecture of rain boots has not experienced drastic change when compared to the original pattern of the Wellington boots. However, they are now made from rubber or GORE-TEX which is a manmade equivalent of rubber. GORE-TEX is a product of improved technologies. The cutting edge technology goes further to ensure that the rain boot thus produced is totally waterproof.

There are different sizes or heights of rain boots. The Wellingtons boots are produced to reach high on the knee, however, a lot of rain boots are low cuts and are just close to the ankle. In addition, you can find different colors of rain boots available today. The original Wellington’s boot was simply black in color as it was made of black rubber, however, modern rain boots occur in colors such as yellow, green and so forth. You can also find rain boots with varieties of colors, designs and patterns. You can find rain boots in virtually any of color you want. You can make purchases of top quality rain boots with ease online from different top providers across the globe and make huge bang for your bucks no matter where you are located in the world.

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