Women entrepreneurs tell you how to overcome fear

Women who start businesses can accelerate salary parity. To do this, they must first overcome their fears.

In a world where the gender gap is the main obstacle to the labor and professional development of women as well as the lack of access to financing, misogyny, prejudice or family commitments; it requires social and cultural change, but, above all, that women overturn their internal obstacles. 

During the Empower @ MC Forum of Inclusion and Diversity of Masschallenge in Mexico City, Spencer Stuart consultant Jose Maria Urquiza showed a study by Mckensey in 2015 “The power of parity”, which shows that 81 years are missing for that there is hierarchical parity between men and women, and 75 years to achieve salary parity. To make this time shorter, Urquiza mentioned that women entrepreneurs are a key to achieving this.

This event brought together businesswomen with years of business experience, as well as other jobs they had before starting their journey independently. One of them was Delfina Grossi, Sales Manager Google, who seeks to promote that women decide to study a career in mathematical sciences since only 1% of women in the world select any of these degrees.

Delfina acknowledges that empowering is a great challenge, and she is sure that “women creators of technology have a global responsibility to make a change in something that impacts.”

But not only with technology can you make a change. Such is the case of Saskia Niño de Rivera, founder and director of Reinserta a Mexican, a company with four years in operation, recognizes that Mexico is experiencing a security crisis. It seeks to ensure that children who live in penitentiary centers, adolescents and innocent people who pay an unjust sentence, can be reintegrated into society with psychological help and workshops.

“I would like everyone to rethink and self-analyze our thoughts and behaviors towards people who go through this situation. From there we can make a change, “he said.

However, all the speakers agree on something: women must overcome their fears to achieve their goals. To inspire you, Entrepreneur en Español presents the advice of three women who overcome fear.

1. Claudia Muchaluat.

Chief Digital Officer at IBM was developed for many years in business led by men, as was the automaker. With her experience, she gives you these tips to overcome obstacles.

  • Embrace fear. Use it positively to move us to our goals.
  • Networking between women makes the difference. It does not matter if they are entrepreneurs, students or employed in an institution or company
  • Be open to new models. This includes the family.
  • Take the risk. Understand that today women find themselves in a constantly changing setting and will never be ready.

2. Sandra Morales López.

Chief Empowerment Officer of Girl Power mentioned that women earn 23% less than men for doing the same job. However, it recognizes that men and women have the same ability and talent to perform various activities. Sandra gives five tips for business and human capital management:

  • Retain talent with more vision
  • Talent has no gender
  • Review CVs regardless of name
  • Use the new platforms
  • Turn around pregnant women, avoid inequality by their condition

“Your staff should give you the comforts to work without forgetting the objectives. It’s worth waiting for women who are pregnant because in the end they will always be grateful to you for the opportunity. “

3. Cristina Macaya.

Managing director of Crepes & Waflles told her story and experiences she lived on her way to her current business.

Today she shares four phrases that were her motivation:

  • A hobby makes you move mountains. Do it!
  • The only limit is you
  • When you have a life project it does not matter the time
  • The important thing is to arrive fast but far

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