Why work should be fun and how to realize it?

Who has still not understood that fun is the setting, management philosophy and strategy for success in the 21st century, which is truly yesterday. How can people still believe that one can generate excellent performance through pressure and anxiety?

For this, I only think of one thing: “red card” for a big foul in the workplace.

Why work should be fun and how to make this happen, we explain to you here: 

why-work-should-be-fun-and-how-to-realize-itStart your workday by writing 3-5 things for which you are grateful

Place this list where you can see it all day long. When we turn our attention to what we are grateful for, we fill our hearts and thoughts with positive energy. This energy helps us in our daily tasks a positive attitude to evince.

Spend (lunch) breaks with invigorating activities

So often we feel the need to work through the lunch break, or at least to fill these times with tasks. STOP! Use it instead to your energy to refresh and revitalize you. Go for a walk at noon, pay attention to the trees, animals and people around you. If you like reading, you should take a break a day to enjoy a few pages of a novel or an article by HaFAWo. Plaudre with people at the local newspaper kiosk or in the cafe. Having a proper break from the job, even if it is only ten minutes, allows us to return to our tasks with more energy and a new perspective.

Make your workplace more attractive

We make all our work, if we our work to motivate . A flower in a vase may occupy some space, but it also spreads a beauty that we can both see and smell. A small painting with colorful colors can give us a beautiful sight. An attractive writing set, especially one given to us by someone who is important to us, can enchant us with beauty and memories of our important relationships. If there was a slogan, he would probably be “Power through Emotions!”


Imagine making only positive comments about your employees

When we put the negative into words, we give it power. So concentrate on what the others do rather than criticize them. If there are problems, try a solution and, at best, even a win for both sides to achieve, rather than someone blame.


Find joy in the little things that happen every day. Do not be frustrated when the copier is jammed. If you drop a pen or wallet, laugh. If it seems as if the lift needs eternity, laugh. Lache about how nice “imperfect” life is but, and you will witness it daily * laughs *. If you react to such events with humor rather than anger, your blood pressure will remain within the normal range, your frustration will be limited, and your colleagues will appreciate your attitude. Not for nothing is it said: “Laughter is the best medicine – and stress can be fatal.”

Work smart, not hard

Too many of us assess the value of our work based on the number of hours that we put into it or the stress level that we endure. Instead, take the time to appreciate any achievement, no matter how small. Praise for the fact that you have found a way to delegate what can be appropriately delegated. Be proud of yourself for finding suitable shortcuts in the workflow that shorten your working hours while increasing your productivity. As I said: ” smart … not hard ”

Be grateful to the ones you work with

Know the contributions made by those with whom you work. Both large and small. Let your colleagues know that you see and appreciate the contributions they make. Yes, not only those who serve the achievement of organizational goals, but also contributions to the good atmosphere at the workplace. To recognize the contributions of those with whom we work helps our colleagues as well as our superiors to see more clearly than humans. It also reminds us to contribute something positive even in the workplace.

Be authentic

By presenting our true self and share openly with our colleagues, superiors and customers, we are giving them our greatest gift . When we stand against our own being, we make the work more difficult. We can only be truly happy if we are honest with ourselves.

Learn to accept changes

No matter what job you have, it always changes. If we oppose this, and thus remain with our past expectation, the frustration grows. Learn to be flexible. Be the blade of grass in the wind, or as they say: “The willow defying the storms elegant than the mighty oak.” And the elegant we weather the storms, the better we can enjoy our work place.