Writing Business Letter: Tips and Templates

Whether you are sending out an advertising letter, an acknowledgment, an offer or a reminder – your business letters are always a business card for your company. They demonstrate how professional and customer-oriented the company works and communicates. Both the content and the layout play a decisive role. Stay a few questions to answer: How do I create a business letter? What is required? How do I formulate convincingly? We give tips on how to write a business letter and show example templates. 

Business Letter Formats & Templates

Business Letter Size and font

Font size in the business letter is 12 point. With a lot of text, however, you can also reduce the letters to 11 points so that the cover letter can still fit on one page, but it should not be less than that in any case to ensure that your writing remains legible without problems and magnifying glass .

However, a certain font is not required by DIN 5008, but Arial or Times New Roman have become commonplace types. The font you select can also affect the font size. Print an example copy of your business letter to see how the font looks in the intended size.

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Business letterhead

On the letterhead, the reader’s eye is usually the first, after all, he finds himself at the top of your business letter. This makes it an important hanger and an eye-catcher, which should be professionally designed.

The standard address in the upper left corner, right-aligned or centered is also permitted. The first three lines are provided for the name, address and telephone number. You can also attach your e-mail address here.

Cover Letter Samples

The recipient’s address is three lines below. This is a maximum of 8.5 centimeters wide. The reason for this are standardized viewing windows in DIN C6 envelopes.
However, the contact data may not exceed 9 lines or 4.5 centimeters.

The date and place are normally right-aligned, with a blank space below the address field. However, some companies also position the date elsewhere. The place is mentioned here, however, only if it differs from the place of residence (which is rarely the case).

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Business Letter Subject

After the letterhead, the reader usually moves directly to the subject line to get an overview of what is involved in writing. Here, in your business letters, you should be particularly concise about the content of the letter. However, there are certain principles that you should stick to:

  • The subject starts two lines below the date when it is at the normal position.
  • The subject line may use bold, but does not have to.
  • It can be highlighted with a larger font (13 to 14 dots).
  • The subject may go over more than one line, but should not exceed two lines.
  • The word Subject has lost nothing in the subject line.

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