Writing Powerful Cover Letters

Writing powerful cover letters is possible if you check the professional ones. Our cover letter sample download center is a good place to start.

Scouring trough job posts and boards, prepping for interviews… This is just a part of the exhausting process of job hunting and let’s face it – no one really likes it. When speaking of job hunting, perhaps the most challenging part of it is the cover letter. There are so many guidelines to be found on the subject, but writing a cover letter is always unique and personal and we rarely know where to start. You may even wonder: do I really need this to apply to a job?

Writing Powerful Cover Letters
Writing Powerful Cover Letters

The answer is a definite yes. Why? Because the chances of you getting hired are much higher when your potential employer receives a cover letter from you. You should see this task as an opportunity to present your qualities and distinguish yourself. Have a look at the following guidelines on how to write a powerful cover letter.

  • Research first

When starting to work on your cover letter, making a thorough research is a definite must. Your cover letter should be tuned not only according to the job requirements in the job post, but to the company requirements too. Have a look at the company’s website, their partners, employee profiles and information and latest news on their work. You should not base your application solely on their job description, because knowing the company can really help you use the right tone to attract some interest in your qualifications.

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  • Start with a great opening line

The beginning of any text is often the thing that gets bad or good results the most. A good, strong opening line of a cover letter is important because it entices its reader to look further into your experience and qualifications and later on, leads to them really considering you for the position. Try to lead with a strong punch line, but don’t overdo it. Many researchers have shown that trying to be funny or too self-confident on a cover letter seems unnatural and highly unprofessional.

Mention personal connections with another employee or the company in the first lines of a cover letter. Chances are, if an employer does not like the beginning of a cover letter, they won’t read it till the end.

You must remember to address the cover letter directly, avoiding phrases like ‘Dear Sir/Madam’ or ‘Dear representative of a company’.

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  • Emphasize your qualities

Finally, it won’t really matter if you have a perfectly formatted cover letter if you are not a good fit for the job. Every employer out there seeks for someone that can help them solve problems and increase profit. Try to point out to the ways you can help the company and why they should choose you out of all other candidates. Your qualities are the most important factor in your employment.

And finally, when speaking of your personal values, draw on the research we previously mentioned. If you show that you are informed on the work of the company, you will be seen as a serious candidate for the job position.

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