Preparing for the perfect job application

So you know better what you personally expect from your future job, what you have to offer yourself, and above all, how good your chances and what your market value is. It is best to answer all the following questions in writing, so that you can always refer back to them and develop your findings.

Self-analysis – What do you want and what do you offer?

Start with yourself. This is about your future job and you should know what you want and what your expectations are. (more…)

10 Secrets for a Good Pitch

Are you looking for investor financing? Before presenting your project, make sure you have a viable business model.

A great idea costs nothing, but turning it into a successful business is not cheap. Whether they need US $ 5,000 or US $ 500,000 to build their businesses, entrepreneurs often need to present their idea to potential investors to get financing. But this process can be very challenging.  (more…)

Retail Salesperson Resignation Letter Samples - Download PDF Format

Retail Salesperson Resignation Letter Samples – Download PDF Format

Download retail salesperson resignation letter templates and learn how to create yours. PDF resignation letter templates are ready.


4+ Two Weeks Resignation Letter Samples - Download PDF Format

4+ Two Weeks Resignation Letter Samples – Download PDF Format

Download quality & free two weeks resignation letter PDF samples.

A resignation letter is primarily an information of quitting a job. However, it has to be crafted customarily. First, one has to reveal his own identity by writing his name and designation at the top right corner of the letter, and just below it he has to put the date of writing the letter.

In the extreme left side of the letter one has to mention the name of the authority to which the letter has to be addressed, his designation, and the name of the company and its complete address.


Wedding Favors

To Save a Lot of Money on Your Wedding – Don’t Opt In For A Fancy Wedding

According to the 2013 survey from Knot and, the cost of wedding nowadays is only $1047 lower than student debt which is estimated at $29,400. This shows how high wedding cost is and why you should ditch the fancy wedding. If you are serious in reducing cost on your wedding the tips mentioned below will help you.  (more…)

5 tips to take advantage of weekends

5 tips to take advantage of weekends

Take note of these tips and take juice to the moments of rest so that, when you return to work, you are more creative than ever.

Your great professional asset is your creative brain. But here’s the problem: your creative brain overloads, stresses and is less effective when you do not give it the necessary rest. If you want to engage in a creative mental task, you must find moments of strategic and decisive disconnection.  (more…)