10 Tips to Find Cheap Flights

What are now the ultimate tips to get especially cheap flight tickets? Are there secret tricks?

# 1 Plan ahead, it pays off!

The closer the journey date, the higher the prices for air tickets. For the cheapest flights, it is best to search 3 weeks or more before travel, since the prices are usually increased again 21 days, 14 days, 7 days and 3 days before departure. 

# 2 Be flexible!

If you are not tied to fixed times, you are clearly in the advantage. Partially it is cheaper to go one day earlier and enjoy the extra day.

# 3 Avoid main trip!

In short, if everyone goes on a trip, the demand is high, the space is low and accordingly the prices are high. If it is possible, avoid the school holidays, holidays and special travel waves (events, etc.).

# 4 Use the circular search!

Many low-cost airlines fly alternative airports such as Bratislava instead of Vienna or London Stansted instead of London Heathrow. Due to lower airport costs, ticket prices are generally cheaper. Furthermore, these airports have the advantage that there is usually less traffic there, the car rental prices are often cheaper and there is usually no crowds or queues.

If you are looking for the cheapest flight at checkfelix, choose the “incl. Environment “and you will automatically see the prices of airports around the main airport.

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# 5 Save with one-way tickets!

Sometimes it can pay off to book two one-way tickets instead of one round trip ticket. Even if this is rare, it may be worthwhile to buy two tickets, and possibly fly from different airports or backflights.

# 6 Book now!

If you have found a cheap flight, then hit it! Good flight offers are usually not long-lasting, and a still available flight can already be booked in the next minute or second.

# 7 Use bonus programs!

If you are not yet registered for a bonus program, you should do so as soon as possible, it is generally free anyway. With each flight you collect miles, and if you have sufficient credit on the next flight, you can already fly cheaper or even free of charge.

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# 8 Search several times a day!

In the morning, noon, in the evening. Flight prices are constantly changing, search several times over the day for the same route to find the cheapest flight.

# 9 Try to book on Tuesday!

Update! The following has not been confirmed in our test: book your flight on Tuesday just after 6 pm, then the prices are particularly low. At this time, the airlines set the tariffs for the next week in the system. The time in the country of the branch of the airline must be 6 pm, otherwise sooner or later.

# 10 Fly Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday!

The best weekdays for flights are Tuesday, Wednesday (Thursday also goes) and Saturday. With which we would again be at point 2, flexibility pays off.

Bonus tip: Do not pay unnecessary baggage fees!

If you take a look at the baggage regulations of the respective airlines before the flight bookings, you can save a lot of money without much effort. Sometimes a piece of luggage is free, but sometimes not. In addition, the provisions for hand luggage vary from airline to airline.