20+ Accurate Signs How to Tell If A Girl Likes You

How to know if a girl communicates interest with you – Generally speaking, language plays a minor role in communicating interest between a man and a woman. The most important hints that a girl gives to show interest in a guy can actually be seen through her body language and her way of behaving around him. The truth is, girls have mastered their behavior to appear as a coincident and it is the job of guys to determine if the signs are showing interest or not.

Sometimes, determining the meaning of girl’s actions is a difficult task. If you want to know if a girl likes you or not, you better read the following list of things girls do when interested in a guy.

Body language

  • She gets into your personal space often.

Any girl that has the tendency to turn her body towards you is definitely interested in you. The idea of getting into your personal spaces is an open invite for flirting and a way of her showing you that she is interested in you. Her smiling after turning towards you is a plus.

Body Language of Attraction - Standing Closer
Body Language of Attraction – Standing Closer
  • She is playing with her hair

Instant hair grooming is a sign that a girl is interested in you. I am not quite sure why this is so with most of the girls, but it is always an open invite for flirting. Twirling her hair around a finger or two is some kind of a biological reflex and a natural reaction to liking a guy. The truth is, most of the girls are not even aware they are doing this.

Body Language Playing with Her Hair
Body Language Playing with Her Hair
  • She licks her lips often

When a guy licks their lips it means either desire or aggression, but this is not the case with girls. In the case where a girl is licking her lips, this is a certain sign that she is interested in a guy. This can be interpreted as an unfiltered desire and a bold action towards a guy.


  • She is constantly walking past you

People think that only adolescents do this, but all girls have the tendency to stay in your sight area. If a girl is sitting on a table from where she cannot see you, you will notice her constantly walking past you to grab a drink, go to the restroom or greet some friends. This is her indirect way of saying ‘notice me’ or just a thing she does to check if you are in the company of other girls or available.

Girls rarely come to you first, so if a girl does this, she can often walk past you more than twice without greeting you. This does not mean that she is not interested, but that she is waiting for you to approach her and making the entire process easier for you.

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  • She touches you often

Girls tend to touch boys ‘accidentally’ to show interest or make the guys notice them. This is not an accident. They actually do this quite often to show you they are interested or give you the chance to start a conversation.

She touches you often

  • She tries to buy some time

When a girl walks by you a couple of time, she wants you to talk with her. Similarly, when she is actually talking to you, you may notice her trying to buy some time by dropping something or asking you about a simple thing all over again. The truth is, she is neither clumsy nor stupid. She is only giving you time to get to know her and lead the conversation to some kind of a romantic level.

  • She speaks to you despite the fact you are not acquainted

A girl rarely approaches a guy first, but they may give you simple clues such as a ‘Bye’ when she is leaving or wish you a nice day. This is usually the case when they have tried some subtle signals but you have not noticed them so they had to do something bolder in order to share their being attracted to you.

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  • She responds to your messages in a short time

If a girl answers a phone or a text message in an instant, she considers you of importance. An in promptu’ reply means that she has been waiting for your message and is interested in you. This is especially the case when you are writing to each other a message after another. If she takes the time to sit down and reply to your messages right away, she is definitely interested in you.

  • She does not hesitate about scheduling a date with you

When you ask a girl to go on a date or to simply hang out with you and she says yes right away, this means she is already interested in you. Some girls like to play difficult and may stall the answer a little, but you can clearly see whether they hesitate for real or not.

  • Her friends have heard of you

In a conversation, a girl may mention how her friends reacted to her speaking of you. If you are worthy of her mentioning you to her friends, she likes you. No girl speaks of a guy with her friends except if she is interested.

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  • Conversation between you two flows easily

If your time together seems effortless and without long talking pauses, this means she feels free to speak to you or likes the conversations with you. This may be due to you two sharing similar interests or simply because she finds you interesting. Whatever the case is, having someone to freely talk to is always an advantage. When a date turns into a long hour’s conversation, the girl definitely likes you.

Girls have the tendency to give out signals that are not so easy to comprehend. When you like a girl, make sure to notice all the little things she does, because even the simplest actions on her behalf may be a sign that you should step forward and introduce yourself or simply start a conversation. Even if you are not sure, you can always see how the girl reacts to you approaching her and decide if you have a good shot then.

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