20 Things We Can Learn From Our Children

I have 3 children I am very very VERY proud of. Whenever I come home after work, I take my time to look at her “natural being”. This makes me aware of one thing from time to time: “Our childhood and youth are one of the most important and often underestimated sources.”

For many adults the world is complicated, stressful, controlled and lost anyway hopeless … hmmmm


Why is that?

Simply put, because the years are shaping us and routine is something bad … so let us look at the world once again from childhood eyes. What can we learn from it?

Children Have An Innovative Curious … Innovative Curve You Have You Young

Children Innitude Many Questions – It Is Better To Provide Questions, As Faith To Know Any Answers

Children Are Better Observers As An Adults

Children Have A Very Good Human Knowledge – Before Carrying The Benefits Of Preschgender Education

Children Have Your Honest Opinion To The Expression – The “Truth” Adult Is On The Social Standards Of Our Company

Self-activity Is The Strong Motor Of The Kindseins

Children Have Rare Advantages. Always, To The Maximum Performance Of Your Company

For Children Never Is The Fun, For Adults It Is Overty These To Have These

Man Can Not Play In The Drug Without Being Dirty. Grinding Is An Important Component In Life