Download 2020 Calendar PDF Templates

You can download our own 2020 calendar designs for your personal usage for free. All of these calendars are designed by us in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for time management. School teachers can reach us if they need more specific or custom designs and templates. 2021 Calendars are added! Click

2020 Year Calendar Template – Download

Some of our calendar templates are transparent images, so you can use these calendar templates before a background as you wish. For example you can add our transparent calendars before a mountain or ocean photo to make it more attractive. Transparent images help you a lot at your homework or business purposes.

Wide & Vertical 2020 Calendars Download

Vertical 2020 calendars are also useful for printing. These ones have High Dimension and better option for printing. We’ve added three vertical examples.

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2020 Wide Design Calendars : Wider calendars are suit for hanging them to wall. If you want to use your calendar in class or on your room’s wall you had better to use wider templates.

2020 White Background Designs : Print and attach to your binder or notebooks. 

Calendars are of different types

  • Wall hanging
  • Table calendars
  • Tagging calendars
  • Electronic calendars
  • Pocket calendars

Each of the forms has its own benefits. Wall hanging calendar is most common in the houses. Table calendar is mostly used in offices. These are very useful, as one can mark important days on that and can refer to it when needed. Tagging calendars are the one that has portions of the day, month and year and has a number of cards on which different numbers are written. You have to change the date and day daily by yourself. For example if want to make it year 2020 calendar, you have to put the appropriate cards in the year section and change the date and day accordingly. So they have bought once using forever type.