Download 2020 Calendar Free Templates

You can download our own 2020 calendar designs for your personal usage for free. All of these calendars are designed by us in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for time management. School teachers can reach us if they need more specific or custom designs and templates. 2021 Calendars are added.

2020 Year Calendar Template – Download

Some of our calendar templates are transparent images, so you can use these calendar templates before a background as you wish. For example you can add our transparent calendars before a mountain or ocean photo to make it more attractive. Transparent images help you a lot at your homework or business purposes.

Wide & Vertical 2020 Calendars Download

Vertical 2020 calendars are also useful for printing. These ones have High Dimension and better option for printing. We’ve added three vertical examples.

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Which Days to Off? Make Your Vacation Plans According To Official Holidays in the U.S!

If you live in the United States and you like to make pleasant holiday plans during the rest of your professional life, it may be a good idea to make detailed research on official holidays in the US at the beginning of each year. It is because adding holidays to your annual and monthly printable calendars will make them visible to make plans about. In this way, you can have the chance to plan your workload before and after the holiday periods as well as the off days at the beginning of the year. Today, we will examine the days officially marked as a holiday by the federal states. Next, we’ll take a look at how these will affect your planning.

  • January 1 (Fixed for each year) – New Year’s Day
  • January 15–21 (Floating Monday) – Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • February 15–21 (Floating Monday) – Washington’s Birthday
  • May 25–31 (Floating Monday) – Memorial Day
  • July 4 (Fixed) – Independence Day
  • July 4 (Fixed) – Independence Day
  • September 1–7 (Floating Monday) – Labor Day
  • October 8 – 14 (Floating Monday) – Columbus Day
  • November 11 (Fixed) – Veterans Day
  • November 22–28 (Floating Thursday) – Thanksgiving Day
  • December 25 (Fixed) – Christmas Day


2020 Transparent Calendars