Business Calendars for 2021

You can get free 2021 printable business calendars designed by us for free. Calendars are the secret lifesavers. You use them to arrange your meetings, conferences, teleconferences, Zoom gatherings, etc.

2021’s Yearly Calendar

Printable Red Calendar 2021
Printable Red Calendar 2021

What are the elements of the “new normal”? You should think of the newborn tools entered into the sphere of business. Which new tools were integrated into our way of doing business? Think about new teleconference methods such as Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, or Discord, if you work for the software industry. You should totally integrate the following features into your calendar templates. Rather than classical features of the calendar, these 5 things listed above will be boosting your efficiency in your business cycle.

1)Zoom/Google Meet Schedule Tracker:

The issue of forgetting the meeting ID or its password is quite common. Even if Zoom had a schedule planner it doesn’t work as expected most times. So, you can add a section to track down your zoom meetings. A section should be there to write down the ID, the other one should be for the password. Of course, you can customize these elements in accordance with your needs.

US Federal Holidays in 2021:

DateFederal holidayDay of the week
January 1New Year’s DayFriday
January 18Martin Luther King DayMonday
February 15Presidents’ DayMonday
May 31Memorial DayMonday
July 4Independence DaySunday
July 5Independence Day (observed)Monday
September 6Labor DayMonday
October 11Columbus DayMonday
November 11Veterans DayThursday
November 25Thanksgiving DayThursday
December 24Christmas Day (observed)Friday
December 25Christmas DaySaturday
December 31New Year’s Day (observed)Friday

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2)A To-Do for Moving:

Due to the working conditions in the pandemic, most people of the white collars started to work remotely. While people at home all the time, they started to move less. Creating a daily to-do to remember walking around in the hall of your house is a good idea. For every 45 minutes of working, you can walk 5 minutes to your house. Let’s say you work 8 hours a day. You can add 10 tiny boxes to remember to move.

3)Personal Agile Table:

Agile methodology is used by most software companies. You can create a table with just 3 sections like “To-Do, Doing, Done”. The threshold of attention is lower at this point. You can lose your focus. This table will be the lifeguard of your business cycle. If you are a freelancer, you will be able to track the customer relations of your job by this table.

4)A WISH LIST For Online Educations:

The pandemic made it possible to attend a different kind of events from home. If you see an interesting event while you are working, just add it to your wish list with its link. After your work hour ends, you can check it.

5)A critique of the day:

The days in a pandemic is totally in the way described by Queen in its song “Bohemian Rhapsody”. You should criticize yourself often. A section in your calendar would be beneficial for this purpose. Because you will be able to examine your day by the empirical evidence you created in the daily process. You should be acting like Gordon Ramsey in his TV show on chefs competition.