9 characteristics of rich, healthy and happy people

Happy, healthy and rich, does not everyone want? Why is it so hard to achieve this? This article may sound somewhat naive to some readers, but I firmly believe that happiness, health and wealth can be created by ourselves and are our responsibility. Here is a guide for all those who want to take a step towards one or more of these properties. Let us begin with the first point of the title, with the wealth.


What does rich mean? For me, wealth is not a number in the account. There are people who feel rich with 5000 euros in the account, others would not even notice if this sum goes down. Everyone defined rich be different. The official definition of “being rich” means an abundance of spiritual or material values, especially the possession of objects.

When I think of wealth, it comes to me, including the following: No debt, but still a roof over your head. No monthly payments, an income from a passion with which we can buy healthy food or produce ourselves. No stress, enough time for family and sports activities and to visit foreign cultures so that we can understand them better and a few monts in the account only for the good conscience. Few people have all this, but almost everyone is looking for it.

So how do you get rich?


1. Satisfaction
Be satisfied with less. In today’s consumer society, it is not easy to escape brainwashing and the lies of many large corporations. But it does. Picture your opinion! And I’m not talking about the picture newspaper. It is your opinion. Question sometimes what you got so. Often when I come back to Austria, I am surrounded by dissatisfaction and stress, and even though here in the Western world we seem to have everything to be happy.


Our greed for more and more brings us more diseases. Diabetes, allergies, cancer, heart attack and stroke, or even burnout and suicide. The pursuit of greater and better has taken almost all but a few. I see huge, expensive houses for small families with middle income. Financed entirely by the bank. This can only go wrong. A smaller house is enough. To become the first step towards the empire is thus the satisfaction.


2. Less ambition
The love ambition. A small portion of it can not hurt, but too much is not good. Whenever I see ambitious people, I also see how unhappy and disappointed they are often. Ambition has a lot to do with recognition, power and influence. As the word says. Honor and avaricious.

Many people who want to establish themselves externally, want to stand up well in society and enjoy a good reputation, are usually very ambitious. They are only better when all these factors come in and others admire them. This can also indicate a lack of self-awareness. Therefore, best to deal with the ambition very stingily, and only use it very purposefully and thoughtfully.

3. Motivation
Motivation is certainly one of the most important factors. Motivation requires an objective. It is important to have the goal always in mind, but not too stiff. To be flexible on the way there.

Without motivation, there is nothing at all, but here too, anyone who loses sight of the way because he has only the goal in his head, can thus overlook many abbreviations and become blind to alternative ways which, among other things, can also lead to the goal more quickly and easily .

4. Passion
How can it be otherwise? Passion is the order. If you have a passion for something, then you will make it no matter what others think of it and whether you make money with it or not. Do not let too much talk of friends and family. With high probability, the people in the close acquaintance and circle of relatives want you to talk about your idea. Or you can guess when you want to be self-employed, mostly because they project their own fears into your idea.

Stick to the people who support you in your visions. Spend time with examples and people from whom you can learn something. Develop a passion for something and you will see, the stone comes of its own accord. From your passion arise the ideas, which will bring you also money and the most important is, you have fun!

When is one healthy? Here too, the interpretation space is huge. Being healthy is an individual feeling. A good indicator of a healthy organism and mind is self-healing. A sniffing knocks on but you will not really get sick. A scratch that quickly heals. Pain which come briefly and away from itself, quasi only kindly point to an unhealthiness, which you can then pre-pressurize smooth again.

Also, emotional pain will be better tolerated by healthy people. A healthy person lives in unity with his body and the signs which he gives him. He knows that the body is capable of unimaginable things and the healthier, the more unimaginable is what your body can accomplish. Believe me, most doctors will not tell anyone who lives with sick people and the pills they sell to them.

So how do you get healthy?

Happy family lying in the park with their dog.

5. Movement
No matter what you are left with about diets, miracle pills and all the crap that will make you healthier. Almost everything scrap. Only in very rare cases do you really need food supplements. Whoever wants to remain vital MUST move. And I do not mean to go from the bed to the toilet and from there to the refrigerator (or vice versa). I’m moving where it is. Search actively for possibilities of movement. On the way down the stairs, you can easily install a few pull-ups and knee bends, or go in front of the bed a set of Liegestütze. All this takes only a few minutes and makes a big difference in Summer.

Try to use the escalator or a lift if a normal staircase is available. These things should actually be indicated as means of transport for sick or handicapped persons. Up to 10km in the work there is actually no excuse not to ride by bike. So, if you want to be healthier, movement is the very first thing you have to start with.

6. Conscious nutrition
The fewest people today have a clue what they put in their mouths. It almost borders on stupidity that an adult person who can make independent decisions is too naive to feed himself half-healthy. In order to become healthier and more vital, a healthy and conscious diet is decisive. You can immediately switch to a healthier diet. I do not have to repeat what food is necessary. Everyone knows that.

Anyone who feeds unhealthily does this – hard-expressed – from pure ignorance. Out of ignorance of himself, but also of his fellow men. Unfortunately there is also a lack of education from the age of the child through the parents. Our educational system is not a big help either. Hundreds of books and free studies on the Internet can help you find the right diet for you. You just have to start with it. Now.

7. Rhythm with nature
Find a rhythm that will do your body well. You’ll see if you move more and eat healthy, you’ll automatically get tired early and want to get up early. Adjust your body to the rhythm of nature. Chinese medicine has been around for thousands of years and I have never met elderly and fitter people than in rural China, but they’ve worked hard all their lives.

Listen to your body. If you’re tired, go to sleep and do not force yourself to stay, just because the movie is not over yet. It was only with the invention of electricity that we began to beat the nights. Millions before the man has gone to bed with the twilight or has switched at least one gear down. This is almost unthinkable in our service company. You have to be reachable 24h a day and be able to work, which is of course not healthy and so we come to the leisure …

8. Leisure time
For many the most important time. Time for family and hobbies. But it should also be time for itself. It is important that you take time often only for you. Only when you take care of yourself, you can dedicate yourself to others.

If you are stressed in your free time, then you unconsciously transfer this stress to others, which in turn has the stupid effect that no one wants to give you. Be in nature as often as you can and not in front of the computer. Spend time offline with your loved ones. Give yourself up with them. Gather your family and friends around you and play, dance and practice pranks. This is healthy for the soul.

So how do you get happy now?

9. Setting
Being happy is pure attitude. If you really want, you can immediately decide to be happy. It does not need money, it does not even have to be healthy. Many people are homeless or live with cancer and are happier than ever before in their lives. A positive attitude adapted and acceptable to the circumstances will help you!

Everyone can be rich, healthy and happy, and if you read this article, you are well on your way to it. 🙂