A One-Earred Puppy Named Van Gogh Finds a Forever Home

A puppy named Van Gogh who had only one ear drew the attention of Jaclyn Gartner while she was browsing through photographs of dogs in a shelter.

In the brutal world of dogfighting, his left ear was ripped off, and he was found injured and hiding in a drainage pipe after escaping the arena. He was covered in wounds of various kinds all over his body.

Van Gogh the Resilient Dog Finds a Home After a Rough Life

“He had a very bad life, but he looked happy, and I was told he got along well with people,” said Gartner, who founded the Happily Furever After Rescue in Bethel, Connecticut.

This organisation takes in pets that are at risk of being killed in shelters because they are old or disabled. Gartner said, “He had a very bad life, but he looked happy, and I was told he got along well with people.” Even after all that he had been through, Van Gogh was resilient, even if a doctor had to remove one of his ears for medical reasons.

The organisation known as Pilots N Paws was responsible for transporting Van Gogh to Gartner in the month of June. Despite the fact that she advertised the boxer-pit bull mix on Facebook, Petfinder, and Rescue Me, nobody was interested in adopting the seven-year-old dog.

She stated that he was staying with various foster homes since “not a single application came through” for him to be with a biological family. To put it another way, “I had no way of comprehending what I was hearing. He was, without a doubt, the most adorable puppy in the world.

Van Gogh the Painting Dog Proves that Any Dog Can be an Artist

After taking care of Van Gogh for a period of four months, she took one look at him and realised that she could do something to make him more adoptable, despite the fact that he was without an ear.

Since I had seen videos of other dogs painting on TikTok, I reasoned that if Van Gogh could paint, so could any other dog. According to the findings of Gartner, “He had a nice name and a good ear.”

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She chose a canvas measuring 8 by 10 inches and dotted it with various colours of paint. After that, she covered it with plastic wrap and spread a thin coating of peanut butter over it.

Van Gogh went at his work with the vigour of a creative genius who was also obsessed with peanut butter.

After five minutes, when Gartner thought the painting was finished and Van Gogh had eaten enough peanut butter, she took the canvas away from him, and he licked it in dramatic streaks.

What is Gartners point of view in this essay?

Gartner thought the painting was finished because Gartner thought Van Gogh had eaten enough peanut butter. It worked well without a hitch.

Gartner felt that his success was a fitting tribute to the life and work of the well-known post-impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh, whose most well-known paintings are “The Starry Night” and “Sunflowers.” Gartner also felt that his success did van Gogh’s legacy credit.

Gartner remarked that he had a fast tongue and intriguing methods of speaking. “It takes us longer to prepare the canvas ready for him than it does for Van Gogh to suck off the peanut butter and spread the paint around,” we said. “It takes him less time to do both of those things.”

On one of the dog’s canvases, “The Starry Night” was created with blue and yellow dots using the technique of pointillism.

She mentioned that they had spent a week working on the artwork, and then they hosted an event at an outdoor art gallery where people could meet him. I even constructed miniature stands for the paintings, and I served sparkling cider and baked goods to everyone who came.

Gartner’s Second Art Show a Success Despite Low Attendance

On October 23, she was disappointed to see that just two individuals had shown up to the event. One of the individuals that keeps up with Gartner’s social media profiles on a consistent basis is Jennifer Balbes, who lives in Monroe, Connecticut.

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The moment he put his nose to my face, we instantly became the best of friends. Balbes, who is 56 years old, cannot stop gushing about how wonderful the dog is.

Gartner was disheartened after the first art show Van Gogh had did not result in the sale of any pieces, but he was resolved to attempt again. The following day, she engaged in some activity.

She stated, “I wrote on Facebook that I was sad that only two people attended and that the rest of the art was still for sale.” She went on to say that she was disappointed in the fact that the art was still available for purchase.

What was Van Gogh’s reasoning for painting these paintings?

“The paintings sold out in two minutes,” she claimed, bringing in approximately one thousand dollars for her animal rescue organization.

After Van Gogh had completed painting after painting, Gartner conducted an auction on the internet perhaps around the middle of November.

She established the shelter in 2020, and two years later, in 2022, she had made a total of $2,000 from the sale of twelve of the dog’s paintings. She stated that nearly everyone who purchased a piece of art paid more than the amount that was advertised for it.

Gartner reports that on the final day of the auction, one of the foster volunteers who had been caring for Van Gogh adopted her, which is a development that is of more significance.

Gartner was taken aback by the degree to which his absurd works resonated with people via the internet.

How does Gartner feel about Van Goghs paintings?

After the failure of his gallery show, she stated that she was taken aback by the amount of interest that existed in Van Gogh’s artwork.

She shared her thoughts by stating, “I never in a million years expected that a dog’s paintings would make him famous.” Because of it, significant shifts have taken place in many aspects of our life.

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She claims that the paintings have significantly increased the volunteers’ level of awareness of the situation at the little rescue organisation that she runs.

She remarked, “Because the news about Van Gogh got out there, we’ve found homes for other dogs.”

One of her foster volunteers, Jessica Starowitz, adopted Van Gogh and raised him as her own child. According to Gartner, the adoption was finalised and made official on November 21, which was also the last day of the auction.

Van Gogh the Foster Fail: A Dog’s Story of Love and Redemption

According to Starowitz, she was unable to face the thought of allowing Van Gogh to return to his previous foster home and therefore decided to take him in herself.

She stated, “As soon as I saw him, I knew he’d be a foster fail,” alluding to the situation in which pet parents take in a foster animal temporarily but wind up adopting it as a permanent member of the family. “As soon as I saw him, I knew he’d be a foster fail,” she said.

While they were playing tug of war, he was pulling on everyone and licking everyone he could get his tongue on. In point of fact, he won the affection of every member of my family.

Starowitz stated that she intends to keep Van Gogh stocked with paint and peanut butter in the event that Gartner wishes to conduct future fundraisers for Starowitz’s charity. In addition to that, she created an Instagram page for her new relative who had a lot of impressive skills.

“He loves people, and everyone loves Van Gogh,” she exclaimed enthusiastically. ” He knows it’s time to paint when he comes across a jar of peanut butter and a Ziploc bag at the same moment. But as of just this now, he is snoozing on a large cushion bed that I have set up in my office.


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