Air Force veteran to help increase access to psychedelic therapy for veterans

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HOLLYWOOD, 11 NOVEMBER (PRNewswire) —The U.S. Better U, a pioneering organization in the field of psychedelic therapy, is delighted to announce the appointment of Tyler Hare, a veteran of the United States Air Force, to the role of Military Liaison.

In recognition of Veterans Day and in an effort to educate and connect with a greater number of veterans, the company is making these outreach efforts.

Dozens of veterans could benefit from psychedelicassisted therapies for PTSD, depression, and anxiety.

There is less stigma associated with mental health in the military community, according to Tyler Hare, who serves as the military liaison for Better U. “It is not strange to discuss topics that may have an impact on one’s mental health.”

Even though we may have to spend a significant amount of time apart, our common history and cynical sense of humor will ensure that we remain close. Because I am able to think of dozens of people who could benefit from having access to mental health services, I am very excited to take on this role at BetterU.

The most significant challenges that veterans face today are post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), sexual trauma, depression, and anxiety. New psychiatric treatments that people are either unaware of or haven’t had the opportunity to test out yet might be able to help with these issues.

“Ketamine and other psychedelic-assisted therapies have the potential to bring about positive changes in the lives of veterans.”

Dr. Sam Zand, who is both a co-founder of Better U and its chief medical officer, stated that the company’s objective is to “It is a pleasure to have Tyler work with us at Better U to improve the health care that is provided for veterans.

Our goal is to make it easier for people who do not have access to healthcare to obtain it. Because he has a long history in the military and has worked in settings that deal with mental health, we are confident that his knowledge and insight will assist us in discovering new ways to assist this deserving group of people. In addition to providing ketamine therapy, Better U provides a comprehensive menu of other services.

Classes in nutrition coaching, integration coaching, meditation, breathwork, and other related topics are included here. People who suffer from depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and have not responded favorably to other treatments will be given priority when we continue to develop our care model.

This is so that we can provide them with the most innovative treatments currently available. “I was fortunate enough to have spent my childhood with a veteran, and I witnessed the toll that war took on him firsthand. As a result, I often find myself wishing that I could do more to lend a hand.

We are excited to have Tyler on board because his motivation to assist other people in improving their health is motivating, and we look forward to working with him.

“If we can create rules and social integrations specifically for veterans, then we will be better able to assist them.” This is what Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder Derek Du Chesne had to say about it.

Two service members commit suicide or injure themselves every hour.

According to a number of different estimates, approximately two service members commit suicide or injure themselves every hour.

According to the statistics, individuals who have served in the military are more likely to suffer from a variety of issues related to their mental health, including but not limited to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, depression, traumatic brain injury (TBI), and substance abuse.

In the recent past and continuing on into the present day, the number of soldiers who have taken their own lives has exceeded the number of soldiers who have been killed in combat.

Help is received by approximately half of our nation’s veterans who are experiencing issues with their mental health; however, approximately one fifth of those veterans who do receive assistance also struggle with substance abuse issues.

Because of this, millions of people and their families need better access to mental health services and resources as soon as possible.

BetterU Care Veteran Tyler Hare Promotes Mental and Physical Health

Tyler Hare is a veteran who serves on the team that provides concierge services for BetterU Care. In addition to that, he is the military liaison for the team.

Tyler is of the opinion that everyone possesses the potential to maintain both their mental and physical health, which he considers to be essential components of happiness. Because leading and coaching tactical teams is part of Tyler’s job, it brings him a great deal of satisfaction when his students and athletes are able to perform to the best of their abilities.

Now that he is a mentor, he imparts the wisdom that he has acquired through the challenging experiences he has had, during which he has assisted others in overcoming their fears during times of crisis.

He also encourages his students to build feelings of gratitude, self-awareness, and integration into their daily lives.

“New Treatment Program at Johns Hopkins University Offers Hope for Those Suffering from Mental Illness”

Better U is at the forefront of a movement to alter the practice of psychiatry so that it places less emphasis on the diagnosis and treatment of illness and places a greater emphasis on the significance of self-reflection, neuroplasticity, and spiritual well-being for maintaining mental health and finding joy in life.

In Better U, psychedelic-assisted therapies are utilized in order to speed up the process of personal development. This is accomplished by making people smarter, providing them with opportunities to have experiences that can change their lives, and assisting them in developing better habits.

Dr. Sam Zand is the individual responsible for the creation of the psychedelic therapy program at Johns Hopkins University. Treatments based on oral ketamine are combined with a compassionate support network.

At this time, patients in the states of California, Nevada, Florida, Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Washington, Utah, and Idaho can receive treatment with ketamine. By the year 2023, not only these states but also others will be able to provide it.