Alyssa Farah denies that Mike Pence calls her “Mother”

Alyssa Farah, the wife of former Vice President Mike Pence, denied that Pence called his wifeMother when asked by CNNs Jake Tapper on Sunday.

Earlier in the day, Rolling Stone reported that Pences nickname for his wife wasMother. The unsettling pet name was first reported by the magazine four years ago.

That is so not true, Farah said.I can speak for his love for me, and his love for all of the Pences.

And I can say 100 percent that is not true. Farah did acknowledge that Pencecould lose his mind if he couldnt hear from his family for a long period of time.

Hes very attentive to us, she said.He does call us every day. He does talk to us every day. He does know whats happening in our lives. He does know how were doing.